maandag 29 september 2008

Hugo Kaagman en Laser 3.14 collaboration

Check out HugoKaagman's work on his site:

zondag 28 september 2008

vrijdag 26 september 2008

New site of my publisher:

New site of my publisher:

Laser 3.14 book published spring 2009
Keep you posted

woensdag 24 september 2008

dinsdag 23 september 2008


See you soon
Under crescent moon
There’s no question of where
Soon I’ll see you there

Let’s walk this starlit ground
Tranquillity is an area drowned of sound
Kiss me with your eyes
I’m never far away
Kiss me with a 1000 lips
I’ll undo every wire that made you trip

Slip me a note under the desk
Tell me these dreams will last
It’s love
yes I know what it’s worth
It obliterates the pain
Heals the place where it hurts

Saves you from spiralling down
Makes you a king wearing
a glittering crown


INDUSTRIA: A short film by laser 3.14

Click on link to see it:

zondag 21 september 2008


The doors of perception kicked open wide
Eyes dilate experience its blight
While jellyfish float in the sky
Cathedrals undress and dance naked in front of her eyes

Rivers light up
The grass omits a purplish haze
I can see through the pores of your grace
We’re just under way
she’s young
Acid on the tip of her tongue

Are these my thoughts?
Are yours mine?
Let’s dig a hole
right here
and see what we’ll find

We’re well under way
she’s young
Acid on the tip of her tongue

Glitters slide over the walls
The hall’s stretched all the way to the back
Just a little more and it’ll crack

The night is wild
We’re young
Acid on the tip of her tongue

maandag 8 september 2008


Look this way as I blow the horn
Look away as I mend what was torn
Hit the drums
while the brass band plays another tune
Don’t leave it behind discarded and ruined

We enter the scene at 24 frames a second
the film runs out
Love should rise from being secondary
so it beckons

As you choose to loosen the noose
I’ll stop going down feeling dour and bruised
I’ll go around with Amber dancing in my head
This will be my final pledge

zaterdag 6 september 2008


My eyes are weary deep in their sockets
My bones seen a million miles
My hands are trembling
not taking orders from my brain no more
but the soul is still rich
it never knew what’s poor

My skin’s full of canyons
My breathing heavier
I hope soon comes to pass
I don’t want it no more

My pupils dilate
the blood slows down
The heart stutters
soul’s trying to hold on with all its might
This is more than just a peek
into the tunnel of light

I think of you my love
as I enter the door
If I had been given more time
I could’ve given you ….


Some angels stay grounded
while others are in flight
Some angels shed their feathers
while others bathe in light

Beams find their way
through the dark and grey clouds
The birds cross through them
on their journey to the warm south

Flowers and leaves emerge
in a photosynthetic dance
They bathe in it and glance

Beneath a rosy fingered dawn
you were mine
a pearl, a treasure, a gleam
a real find

The world spins around
a whirlpool of chance
Trust me as I invite you to this dance

Lo and behold
I see the kingdom of blight
bathing in oceans of light

donderdag 4 september 2008


Sometimes it helps to dream
to chase them
even tough they're not impeccable
to love and cherish them
even tough they're out of reach
or so it seems
Sometimes it helps to dream

Sometimes it helps to dream
Even tough it breaks your heart
and it's tearing you apart
and dreams are all that's left
or so it seems
Sometimes it helps to dream

Sometimes it helps to dream
Dreaming of the kisses
the wishes the yearnings and the bliss within a kiss
within a kiss
The purest love roaring in your heart
you want to drive the anguish out
and love to beam
Sometimes it helps to dream

maandag 1 september 2008


Every day I kiss the lack
Every day the sky turns black
I shiver to the bone
You’re home