vrijdag 30 december 2011


Nickel nor silver crosses

tainted by man’s hand can’t hold me no more

I breathe I live I speak

I’m rising


Thou will succumb to me

My darkness will

Devour the land


I will bludgeon the soul

Till the heart beats no more


After my body’s transformed from a living cloud

To a body as powerful as a Minotaur

I will devour you


As long as the gullible

Takes the artefact from this keep

As long as he keeps listening

to me like a gullible sheep


I breathe I live I speak

I’m rising


Who am I?

I am… from you

donderdag 29 december 2011


Mother it’s hard to glue all the parts together

cause they’ve never been

I know coal can be forced into a diamond

but that isn’t me


I’ve coughed up needles

Been in a whirlpool spin

The soul’s been estranged

All feels so faint


No signs to show me the way

Are the roads were wobbly

made of wet clay


Angels were demons

Demons angels

All the ripples spread outwards

Then inwards again

The sullen boy found

the glue to mend himself back together again


Soon we’ll drag our bodies over radiated streets

And the black clouds will release half-life sleet

Nothing but vapid futures

Drenched in hopelessness  

Scattered carcasses


Skinless hands and a deranged post pretty face

Begging for some water and asylum

In this vast radioactive asylum


And the dogs run in packs devouring everything they can

What else did you expect from our k-9 friends?

That they would master the ability of opening a tin can?


Everything blackened and the soil dead

The black clouds prevent the sun from omitting light

Gravity we feel the gravity of things

Some scraped their names into black barren walls

hoping their names will be remembered


But how will one remember if one lost the ability

to differentiate June from September?

woensdag 28 december 2011


How many times will you tear open

your vices for me to view?

How many times will you beg

for me to have your will utterly strewn?


Down here in the basement

There’s only security and trust

These straps undo  you of your vanity and rust


Momentary erase yourself

give yourself over

to a force of nature

and be cleansed


Take your time take a deep breath

Relish it like it could be your last

While dangling back and forth

You’re at your best


A state of heaven

while splattered by black rain

Swallow the axe coming in

Belt it all out and feel no shame


Rejected by most in nothing new

Repackaged and rearranged

Is only available to the few


Don’t you worry son

It just happens to be one of those things

You just go back where you came from


Passing down our wounds to unknowing tribes

Till the callus on their soul slowly dies


Don’t you dare say: We’re all David

And our time has come to pass

You know that ideas like don’t last


David swung the rock bringing down Goliath

We pick it up to exterminate our brothers

To sodomize equilibrium

and that’s that


That which unfolds must come to pass

You cant expect it all to go away by driving away in your car

That which unfolds must come to pass


My guild trips should’ve spelled the odds

Going out like all the other dogs

I swallow my pride and my fury

And just say I don’t care a lot


I could see it your eyes

The same stuff is running down my cheek

The soundtrack of this life

Is the choice between a gun and a knife


Burning up in the god tank

All the ashes dispersed

We lost all sight

After the cathode ray tube surge


We felt so sorry

For the new ones emerging from the wombs

They are far from aware

That after the first steps comes the tomb

Where mundane copulation

only leads to frustration

and dire thoughts

to inhalation


We are the spectators

watching it being torn apart

The warmongers, despots and other hell hounds

know the black gutter by heart


After the cages are broken

And the chains come undone

After the Jezebels rub the lipstick smear off their faces

And the ostriches lift up their heads from the ground

And the maelstrom wiped everything clean

And all will is broken and curtain falls

The big FUCK will come

And swallow us all

In Louder Magazine

New street pics

maandag 26 december 2011


Morbidly Colossus is rising

We are forced to bite the tail’s end

Subjected to no more surprises

Deranging waves look crescent


A throttle contract suppresses devotion

Trying to drown the tide

In an idle notion

You swallow your spit and your pride


Then there is this burning

Frequently the curtain is slightly lifted up

To evoke a yearning

A short glance then the curtain drops

zaterdag 17 december 2011


The lights

All the lights man

All around and abound



Have to squeeze my eyes

Squeeze my eyes man

It’s too bright

Too bright man


Waves of light

Waves of light cover me man

Everything’s alight

Alight in me my friend


I feel like a dagger

The right side up

The last tear

sipped and supped


I feel alive

While the end is nigh

I’m fused together

While the diamond penetrates my mind’s eye


Watching her beat her tambourine

My mind strolls along the highway of thoughts

I feel foreign and misplaced here

All those moments we sure had our sheer


She hits the right notes

Flying off and on

Cherubs watching us dance

The glory days and chance


We sure had our fun

As we were deadpan

Every time I wander off to the nostalgic

they seem more fluent and heroic


I really want to come

back to the days electric

But those days have long passed by


Fatal Flowers:

“Your younger days has sailed with the tide”

and that perfect melody plays

while she bangs the tambourine

Younger seen lesser days than me


Why would I head back?

Why would I head back?

While I’m already here?

dinsdag 13 december 2011

Unit44: One Year On

It’s time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Unit44 in Newcastle as they look back on a year’s worth of top shows. To celebrate, this Thursday sees the guys throw a show at the usual space with artwork from Eelus, Prefab77, Stormie Mills, Remi Rough, SheOne, Mr Penfold, C215, Darren Henderson, & Hush.

They will also be showcasing works from Faile, Olly Moss, Roa, Shepard Fairey, Seb Lester, Swoon, Laser 3.14, Jon burgerman, and David Bilbrough. The event is a snap shot of the year that the team have had, the artists that have taken part in the White Walls Project, and a glimpse into the future plans for Unit44.

Bar provided by Red Bull, Vedett, Kopparberg, and Patron. Doors Open at 7pm.
RSVP: Danny@Unit-44.com
Hoults Yard
Walker Rd
Newcastle Upon Tyne

woensdag 30 november 2011

maandag 28 november 2011


Can I keep this flower?

I’ll keep it nearby

Can I store these memories?

On our behalves

Don’t ask me why


Shake the tree to see what falls out

Implement your consequence with pure reason

and stand proud


We are stranded but we are free

We are cynical yet ecstatic as can be

We fill the void of disconnection

by stepping into ourselves


The air filling our lungs justifies this existence

The thin red line the barricade of false hope and false redemption


Close your eyes watch colours vie

Just let them be

Slowly your ghost steps into me


And I witness the flowers that exist in you

Standing erect under a sky so blue

zondag 27 november 2011

vrijdag 25 november 2011

donderdag 24 november 2011


Come with me

Be with me

Breathe the same air

Walk with me

Come with me

Align with the stream

And the glory we’ll see


Come with me

Be with me

It’s a gods decree

Strut with me

Align with the ancient Gods

And crystalline we’ll be


Come with me

Coalesce with me

Ride the slipstream with me

Tame the wormhole with me

And together we’ll be

new street pics

woensdag 23 november 2011

zaterdag 19 november 2011


Dream my sweet child

Dream beyond the rim

Everything’s available

As long as you lick up your sins


Freedom is a spectre

A form you have to fill in

A false note on life’s partitures

An abandoned escape


Dream on my sweet love

Patriarchs know your name

They’ll lick up your sins

Just as you told them to do

Cause they are the one’s to blame


I look you straight in the eyes

While your finger gently tip over the pot

Spilling over all the ink

You walk over to the burning kitchen

To wrench out your soul

While black water spirals down the sink


Dream on my child

We are born the conjure up rains atomic

To break the barriers of the sonic

To built cold metal towers

To have our graves stacked with flowers