woensdag 28 december 2011


I could see it your eyes

The same stuff is running down my cheek

The soundtrack of this life

Is the choice between a gun and a knife


Burning up in the god tank

All the ashes dispersed

We lost all sight

After the cathode ray tube surge


We felt so sorry

For the new ones emerging from the wombs

They are far from aware

That after the first steps comes the tomb

Where mundane copulation

only leads to frustration

and dire thoughts

to inhalation


We are the spectators

watching it being torn apart

The warmongers, despots and other hell hounds

know the black gutter by heart


After the cages are broken

And the chains come undone

After the Jezebels rub the lipstick smear off their faces

And the ostriches lift up their heads from the ground

And the maelstrom wiped everything clean

And all will is broken and curtain falls

The big FUCK will come

And swallow us all

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