donderdag 28 augustus 2008


When freedom becomes the awkward stranger
When it’s gone and you feel deceived
When freedom becomes the guest who wouldn’t leave

Couldn’t control the skyline
Freedom moved silent as a mime
Just emerged from the slumps
We stand in front of the gates of equilibrium

Give me the key and I’ll open the door
Lead me the way and I’ll show you more
Take my hand
come with me
we’ll retrieve the feeling we had in our infancy

Freedom is not a simple gesture
It’s the pinnacle of existence
The zenith of being
The zenith of love

maandag 25 augustus 2008


Scarred hunted down
scared for the shadows
angst for things gently moving

The reign of sanity is over
it seen better days
The auditorium
looks more like a mausoleum
it seen better days

Shall I take it in or spit it out?
Shall I gulp, swallow or shout?

Do you feel the madness creeping in?
Being taking over by the limbic system?

Thoughts and memories of love and grief
they're all over the place
Will it progress into a silent place?

The wish to send chaos in to a starling flight
and order take over these restless nights


The movie plays at 24 frames a second
It plays 24/7
without a surprise ending

Clever dialogues
Clever monologues

The characters
some well written some not
populate the screen
Do you know what “IN THE CAN” means?

The light changes by the hour
day by day
To shoot in the magic hour
is not the smartest way

Endless senseless dialogues
Endless senseless monologues

The movie turned out better than everyday life
Where heartburn truly cuts as deep as a knife
So if I would have it my way
in the movie I forever would stay

donderdag 21 augustus 2008


We are one
But we are separated in our oneness
Is this a figment of our imagination?
Is the biggest thing the same as the smallest?
Do we need to measure things at all?

Is this the human bondage?
The cause of explanatory behaviour?
The cause of our fall?

We are one
Or so I’m told
So why search among the cobwebs in the attic
when our cellars are filled with gold?

dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

Youtubed Aerosol Symphonies part 2

Check out the Youtubed Aerosol Symphonies part 2

Cheers Laser 3.14


I’m not a great conversationalist
I can see it in the way you press down the corners of your lips
We are like angels shedding their feathers
lying there slowly breathing
motionless on the river banks

I watch you being ridden into the sunset in a baggage coach
In Hayward they went wayward
There’s a ghost in the machine and in time

I dreamed of love in abundance
I wanted to shake the tree until fruit fell down
From Dharma to Vishnu
Kamma/Vipāka, Kali to Annatä
Looking for something the already found me
Are you real?

vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

Written on the city review in newsweek

The book, Written on the city, just got an awesome review in newsweek this week! check it out on page 10 in the print version. or check these links:

(Book Published 28th August 2008)

Press Release
978-1-60061-077-6 • £16.99• hb

However you feel about graffiti, whether you see it as art, freedom of speech or just plain vandalism, graffiti is a huge part of today’s society. In the summer of 2006, the authors of this book, Axel Albin and Josh Kamler, witnessed prolific graffiti artists in San Francisco were writing messages rather than tagging or painting and other people were writing back. They started taking pictures and realising that they were looking at a human conversation that wasn’t being heard so they built, the project was soon picked up by newspapers, TV and bloggers and the site had logged over a million page views.

With artists like Banksy always hitting the headlines with his messages, this sort of expression has become something that, try as they might, people can’t ignore.

This book is a glimpse into a vast conversation happening illegally in public all over the world. People are writing messages on the walls and sidewalks of the cities in which we live. They are staying up late, breaking the law and taking risks to say something to you. Some of it is funny. Some of it is beautiful. Lots of it is upsetting. All of it is important. Continuing the conversation through the eyes of a photographer who recognises the importance of those words on the walls, they share them with us in Written on the City.

Packed with graffiti from cover to cover. The hand written message are readable, or translations are provided, since the content of the messages is just as important as their aesthetics.

Written on the City takes the pulse of cities around the world.

About the Authors
Alex Albin & Josh Kamler are the owners of Language in Common, a communication design studio in San Francisco that makes good things happen in culture and commerce.

For further info/author interview/images or to set up a Reader Offer of £3 off plus FREE p+p, please contact Stacy Hill ● 01626 323 254 ●

Specifications: 178 x 127mm • 160 pages • 100 colour illustrations
Book Jacket: a colour jpeg of the book jacket is available via email
Stockists: buy online from or call our customer hotline on 0870 99082

donderdag 14 augustus 2008


Wipe away your mandala
Nothing is a thing everlasting
yet so is everything

Contradictions shouldn’t make you worry my child
There are many knots
sometimes a straight rope
I don’t know about a straight line
It can’t be totally defined
Mine seems all over the place you see

The bigger the disappointments the stronger the bark
We are the songs sung by the lark
The little things that makes it worth living
All those tiny elements we can’t see
Photons racing past us
Grip on
hold on and never let go
Dreams we should never let go

Well if time is just a dream
Ol’ fella
just start at another mandala

woensdag 13 augustus 2008


I believe in vastness of love
even though reason sometimes seems frozen in time
love is vaster than the oceans
your love and mine

The universe growing out of a navel
shaping all we can see
Come undo me of these bindings
Dour bondage shackle me no more
Elevate me through these findings

If you clean up your sky the rain will be immaculate
Celebrators dancing on lotus leaves
Avatars for everyone who sees
The universe chants with them
in a cosmic orgasm

dinsdag 12 augustus 2008


The power resides in the monolith
The storms gather up
More frequently now
A wild dance in a bleak romance
The rain makes for itching sore
Monotone lives a bore
Sun lotions fail
The highways jammed
There are no easy rides out

This is a zoo with no clear entrance
The fee is being born
Being torn
until you’re worn out
When in a crowd truly alone
as you descent into the belly of desolation
you simply frown

The lost knowledge of ancestors now long forgotten
severed from the forest and the cradle of existence
It comes in the form of restless nights
we cling onto putrid dreams
Shall we put up a fight
or find out what elevation truly means?

Clans fading away when the point is taken
Hearts of dried clay
sardonically say :
“It’s a shame it has to be this way”


My spine
Malleable as a twine
Emotions and sensibility
Show me more of me
The will power
The power of will
To the top of my head love will fill
Love and love is all
a golden hill
Imagine and beyond you can see
Show me more of me
Vertical line soeshoemna
This is what we are for we are man
This is what I am


Do you feel discoloured?
Fading to grey?
Would you like to see beyond the shade?

Are you brittle?
Does it eat you away little by little?
Does your love spill over the brim?
Would you like to tame the wild spirit within?

Do you rub it on and it doesn’t work?
Can’t you find the place where it really hurts?
Can you make a move that doesn’t make sense?
Can you throw a stone in the air and predict where it will land?

Do you wear a glove so you don’t have to feel nothing?
Are you still wishing for that one thing?


Let loose
Let yourself go
Fly the air
Fly and be free
If there’s a pure example of freedom
this is it
Fly free seed of hawkbit

You go from yellow to plush
Dangling in the wind without making a fuss
A gust of wind and your seeds released
Where they land
you’re born over and over again

maandag 11 augustus 2008


Everything is consistent
Nothing is spoiled
All is everlasting
The same power that evokes the seeds the grow
is the same power that makes the fly crawl up against your window

See you are
in the daffodils
In the ocean, in the metal, in the stone,
the sun and in stars
You are the same as the smoke pumping out off the pipe of a car

Everything’s moving forward
Nothing ever ends
You more try to break away from it
the deeper it delves
The ever evolving that never repeats it self

There are no incidentals
Pure Karma is paramount
When you throw it out
cause you feel the lack
it comes boomeranging back

The cake is divided
Do good and reap great results
Fall into the pit of evil
and darkness will unfold


On the eve of transcendence
There will be wars and rumours wars
Intransigence will suffocate the meek
The smoke emanating from pipes wounding the leaves
The dogs peeing against the bark of the tree bark no more

The moon will turn red
The string pulled too tight
like the spring of a gun
The players must play under a blistering sun
The living won’t mourn the living
The dead will mourn the dead

Egos will curse on egos
Despots trying to overthrow despots
Our tiny friends lives will come to a halt
covered by the cerement of existence

The Earth will scratch her head
The devil roar its tail
Love will almost coil
and almost fail

But please don’t weep my friend
There won’t be a desolate end
The words of Siddhartha will roam the land
I take this by heart
we won’t live a 1000 years apart


Taste the nectar of being transcendent
Enlightenment in middle of the crack
Dash of black in white
A dash of white in black
Everything is one and one and one alone
Who would’ve thought of that?

The prince lifted up
The stars shone in him
A snake as a hat
Lotuses followed him in his very first steps
Who would’ve thought of that?

Don’t pull the string too tight and or will snap
Keep it just there and you can play
Monograms, anagrams
Symbiosis, parasitism
Let’s see beyond
There’s no hole in the hat
Who would’ve thought of that?

Silence the voice
Silence the mind
Drift beyond the notion of time
The earth is not round
The mirror is not flat
Who would’ve thought of that?


love sins
The machine keeps roaring
Screaming screeching

Going through to the proceeds
The insects scrutinize it
while it’s tearing itself apart

A dose fluoride a day
keeps the will at bay

Viral and vague
Love tastes stale
Rub it in
Wipe it out
Open up a new one

Work for everything
own nothing
Rooms filled with nothing
with more of nothing
Nothing at least is something


Fold me up
untangle me
I’m not me
Spectrums I see
Just one kiss
Eternal bliss
I just shout
Build a fence to keep the animals out
You’re impervious to sin
Build a fence to keep the animals in

Cherish me
Crave for me
Cast me out
Without discursion
Fence me out
My lips burst from the drought
The lack of you
The lack of you

Days and days and even more days
Rearranged in so many ways
Spectre appears to me
Announcing how it’s all going to be
We’ll be free
You and me


Breathing the dust in the city of rust
Her wrinkled shirt says it all
Pull out the thorn sticking out of my chest
Hoping the pouring won’t last

If I could break through the membrane
I’m sure we can reach higher water
Cherished her face
golden flower shining bright
Provided the darkened room with light

I’m jumping on one leg
Hoping for this joy to last
Lend me a hand
Sever me from discontent

vrijdag 8 augustus 2008


In 1989 this small red part was mine
Laughed in the face of a behemoth
I defied Goliath

No matter what they say
it wasn’t a green cone
nor a purple cylinder
tumbling down a bottomless lair
I left everything there
It was a red square

An intricate apparatus
Divisions were forged
A spatula to whip it even
Eyes dilate through the crack of a door
Metal caterpillars to forced it some more

Smiling faces on the adverts
Smiling faces need to be adverted
While weary demurred faces sluggishly walk on by

All my senses tightened
Squeeze my hand
All the blood’s drenched beneath the quick

This small red part was mine
Laughing in the face of a behemoth
I defied Goliath
I left everything there
It was a red square

woensdag 6 augustus 2008


Even if I had a ruler I could never measure this love
Or take away the earnest of releasing a white dove

Kiss me once and I’ll let it go
I’m still here
A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

I still here
Waiting for love to give
Filling up the trenches
Making the cloth less stiff

Shall I save this kiss?
Shall I sit it out?
Scream out loud?

Here we are flying over a dream landscape
So high on love we don’t need a cape
Where shall we land?
There in front of the podium of a brass band

Oh these dreams
These wishes
I cherish them
They should never strand


The world will tremble and shake
Is this my name?
Am I brother Cain?
The tablets carved upon

You were made from my bones
Then betrayed
Oh my Oh my
You should’ve refrained

Here’s a fist of blood
Here’s a knife in the gut

You block it out till your dying breath
You’re not after peace but revenge


A confluence of classical music and Street Art.
Opening: Saturday, August 16th, 5 pm.

Amsterdam June 2008

As with last Summer, the GO Gallery will once again organize a group showing with almost two dozen artists and Laser 3.14 as guest curator, titled: Aerosol Symphonies - Part II. Some of the participating artists, to name a few, are: Laser 3.14, Hugo Kaagman, BLADE (NY city), The London Police, Quik, Def P, Peter Pontiac, etc..

The opening on Saturday the 16th of August 2008, will be accompanied with a performance by classically trained Finnish Singer and Violinist, Mirella Pirskanen, who gained international acclaim with her performances at Cirque Du Soleil, Holiday on Ice and Flairck.

Last year, summer 2007, GO Gallery worked with a number of international and local Street Artists, to present AEROSOL SYMHPONIES. (The word Aerosol being derived from the Spray Can)
In this showing, two worlds come together. The exhibit is a meeting of the world of classical music and modern art, street art.
All the artists have chosen a piece of classical music, which has touched them personally. The music, its origin and the story behind it have been studied carefully. With this piece of music, the artists have then made an artwork, a composition of their own, a painting.
Just as the composer was inspired by his surroundings, the artist has let him/herself be inspired by their favorite composer.

As with last year, AEROSOL SYMPHONIES PART II, will open at the GO Gallery, to coincide with the official opening of the Canal Festival on Saturday 16th Aug. 2008, at 17.00 hrs., in the GO Gallery, with most of the participating artists being present.

The Canal Festival is an annual happening on the canals of Amsterdam, with classical music being played at various spectacular locations on the canals of Amsterdam.

For more information regarding the exhibition held in 2007, please visit our website,

Kind regards,

Oscar van der Voorn
GO Gallery Prinsengracht 64 1015 DX Amsterdam.