woensdag 6 augustus 2008


A confluence of classical music and Street Art.
Opening: Saturday, August 16th, 5 pm.

Amsterdam June 2008

As with last Summer, the GO Gallery will once again organize a group showing with almost two dozen artists and Laser 3.14 as guest curator, titled: Aerosol Symphonies - Part II. Some of the participating artists, to name a few, are: Laser 3.14, Hugo Kaagman, BLADE (NY city), The London Police, Quik, Def P, Peter Pontiac, etc..

The opening on Saturday the 16th of August 2008, will be accompanied with a performance by classically trained Finnish Singer and Violinist, Mirella Pirskanen, who gained international acclaim with her performances at Cirque Du Soleil, Holiday on Ice and Flairck.

Last year, summer 2007, GO Gallery worked with a number of international and local Street Artists, to present AEROSOL SYMHPONIES. (The word Aerosol being derived from the Spray Can)
In this showing, two worlds come together. The exhibit is a meeting of the world of classical music and modern art, street art.
All the artists have chosen a piece of classical music, which has touched them personally. The music, its origin and the story behind it have been studied carefully. With this piece of music, the artists have then made an artwork, a composition of their own, a painting.
Just as the composer was inspired by his surroundings, the artist has let him/herself be inspired by their favorite composer.

As with last year, AEROSOL SYMPHONIES PART II, will open at the GO Gallery, to coincide with the official opening of the Canal Festival on Saturday 16th Aug. 2008, at 17.00 hrs., in the GO Gallery, with most of the participating artists being present.

The Canal Festival is an annual happening on the canals of Amsterdam, with classical music being played at various spectacular locations on the canals of Amsterdam.

For more information regarding the exhibition held in 2007, please visit our website, www.gogallery.nl/aerosol-symphonies

Kind regards,

Oscar van der Voorn
GO Gallery Prinsengracht 64 1015 DX Amsterdam.
020-4229580 www.gogallery.nl
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