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(Book Published 28th August 2008)

Press Release
978-1-60061-077-6 • £16.99• hb

However you feel about graffiti, whether you see it as art, freedom of speech or just plain vandalism, graffiti is a huge part of today’s society. In the summer of 2006, the authors of this book, Axel Albin and Josh Kamler, witnessed prolific graffiti artists in San Francisco were writing messages rather than tagging or painting and other people were writing back. They started taking pictures and realising that they were looking at a human conversation that wasn’t being heard so they built www.writtenonthecity.com, the project was soon picked up by newspapers, TV and bloggers and the site had logged over a million page views.

With artists like Banksy always hitting the headlines with his messages, this sort of expression has become something that, try as they might, people can’t ignore.

This book is a glimpse into a vast conversation happening illegally in public all over the world. People are writing messages on the walls and sidewalks of the cities in which we live. They are staying up late, breaking the law and taking risks to say something to you. Some of it is funny. Some of it is beautiful. Lots of it is upsetting. All of it is important. Continuing the conversation through the eyes of a photographer who recognises the importance of those words on the walls, they share them with us in Written on the City.

Packed with graffiti from cover to cover. The hand written message are readable, or translations are provided, since the content of the messages is just as important as their aesthetics.

Written on the City takes the pulse of cities around the world.

About the Authors
Alex Albin & Josh Kamler are the owners of Language in Common, a communication design studio in San Francisco that makes good things happen in culture and commerce.

For further info/author interview/images or to set up a Reader Offer of £3 off plus FREE p+p, please contact Stacy Hill ● 01626 323 254 ● stacy.hill@davidandcharles.co.uk

Specifications: 178 x 127mm • 160 pages • 100 colour illustrations
Book Jacket: a colour jpeg of the book jacket is available via email
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