donderdag 25 februari 2010

close-up new work: WowMao 2010

WowMao 2010
Mixed Media

woensdag 24 februari 2010

Tomorrow morning interview on the English Breakfast Show

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 I'm doing an interview for The englishbreakfast show.

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dinsdag 23 februari 2010

Art exhibition ‘Can I please finish my sentence for…’ by Laser 3.14, March 20th - May 1st 2010 at RADAR Architecture & Art

Laser 3.14, “Spilling over the brim into the infinite beyond”

23x23 cm

mixed technique, 2010

Art exhibition ‘Can I please finish my sentence for…’ by Laser 3.14, March 20th - May 1st 2010

On Saturday March 20th at 17.00 the gallery RADAR Architecture & Art will start the exhibition ‘Can I please finish my sentence for…’ which will show artwork from the well-known streetpoet Laser 3.14. Radar Architecture & Art invites all interested to the opening of the show and for some drinks at the Eerste Rozendwarsstraat at 17hs.

Laser's artwork, just like his poems on the street, is cerebral. He is asking the city dweller questions about living in the urban area. He lets his cartoon style clash with the expressionistic painters touch, words dripping from canvas and wall. His words search for the comical and the quizzical: Who are you, who am I, who are we who live in this world of concrete and brick, artifice and glass. One of the most intriguing aspects of Laser's art is his interest in everyday life, a need to wake up the commuter and the housewife alike and show them that everything grows and not all graffiti are senseless ego, not all that seems dirty is dirt.


The short poems that one can find disseminated through the cities, produce a double effect: on one hand they frame and enrich in a poetic sense anonymous points of the city. On the other, they capture the attention of random passer-by's, stimulating a reflection that hardly could take place along those crowded and chaotic streets. In other words, the obsessive rhythm of the citizen is being transformed into a dreamy and reflective dimension. The exhibition tries to reflect the essence of the street work of Laser 3.14 and to accompany the visitor, this time conscious and no longer accidental, on a journey along graffiti-based paintings, graphic styled drawings and 3D artwork.

A great variety of different styles, techniques and materials, meticulously used, can be expected to be seen.

About the artist:

Laser 3.14 is an artist, cartoonist and poet, but is mostly known for his unique style of streetart/graffiti in the streets of Amsterdam, London and other European cities. Short poems like: 'Today I hired a detective to track me down', 'Binary code be my name' or 'He cut out both his eyes so he could finally see' are his trademark next to his tag. For Laser 3.14 the city is his canvas. His poetry appears on ‘temporary’ materials, like fences, containers, port cabins and scaffolding.

Laser 3.14 is also known for his gallery artwork. He has had multiple expositions in galleries in

Amsterdam and London.

Contact person Radar Architecture and Art:

Weronika Wawrzyniak

Statement Radar

Radar is a project created in 2008 by Marco de Piaggi along with a small group of friends. Its aim is identification, creation and exhibition of artistic forms such as sculpture, painting, printing, photography,architecture, video art and music.

The creative forms that Radar is eager to 'capture' and let emerge must have affinity with the two key points below:

1) The various artistic forms and manifestations which Radar is interested in are those with a research totally independent of the trends of the 'traditional' art market. In this sense Radar can be considered an avantgarde monitor. It is not a concern as to whether or not the techniques used are “traditional”, such as painting, lithography or sculpture. The avant-garde is not seen by Radar as mere nostalgia for the last century; it’s seen as a research in the field of artistic expression that voluntarily or involuntarily creates fractures with what has been done up to that point. According to Radar an absolute truth does not exist: that which for a period of time was considered "correct" is later contradicted and replaced by something else (often with the products of a new movement).

2) The second aim of Radar is to find artists who express themselves with urgency and a full adhesion between their being and the artistic result. There is no space in Radar for formal or decorative manifestations: art (in the broadest understanding of the word) is a “physical” expression of a human being. When it possesses characteristics such as urgency, authenticity and a sensibility to a wide range of spiritual and cultural issues that affect "the actuality", the work itself IS the being that has created it. Radar aims to intercept all creative events that are at the same time radical, actual and urgent. For this reason Radar is constantly looking for young artists who are taking their first steps in this direction.

Commercial viability is not a primary concern of Radar: of more importance is the understanding of the two key points as stated above.

The exhibition of Giancarlo Pazzanese is the forth exhibition created by Radar Architecture & Art.

In the future Radar aims to organize exhibitions and events that involve individual artists or groups in the fields of architecture, visual arts and music. Radar is open to all proposals and experiments that are consistent with its programmatic manifesto.

maandag 22 februari 2010

Close-up new work: The True Face of Torquemada 2010

The True Face of Torquemada 2010
Mixed media

donderdag 18 februari 2010

Close-up new work: The conquistador smiled 2010

The conquistador smiled 2010
Markers and pencil on paper

New artwork: Pazuzu rides again

Pazuzu rides again 2010
Mixed media

zondag 7 februari 2010

woensdag 3 februari 2010

dinsdag 2 februari 2010

Opium TV: Hugo Kaagman talks about Sometimes it helps to dream expo

Hugo Kaagman vertelt meer over street artist 'Laser 3.14' en zijn expositie 'Sometimes it helps to dream' in de artKitchen Gallery Amsterdam.