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donderdag 12 januari 2012


The smack calms you down
Make you feel sedated in this lonely town
Where the toothless speak
And politicians reek
Halitosis when they talk
To calm your spirit you take a walk
Along the concrete beach
Sanctimony is out of reach

How dare you slip into my dream?
It’s my most naked realm
You keep sanctimony by your side
As you take blasphemy for a ride

Nothing can tame you cause you're in a hurry  to reach yonder
It takes a slight bit of depravity to hold back the thunder


One last cackle and it all ends

One last gasp and you’re over the other side

The plug is pulled and the lights go out

Just the way it was meant


Just one final tremor

Just one final shake and your body goes numb

You try to add it all up 

but zero is the end of the sum


Is this the way you’ve dreamed it would be?

Or did you expect to beg for mercy on bended knees?


You hold it in firmly cause you know it’s the last gasp

You are aware that it won’t last

Nothing can stop the black cloak covering you now

Don’t cry my sweet

You never knew how


All she needs is some shock therapy
and a slap on the wrists
All she needs is a drape to shut everything out
Some lubricant cause she insists
A slap on the wrists is all it takes
To get her up the hill and down again

All she needs is them pills
So she feels fulfilled
All she needs is some therapy
To keep her paying her bills

All she needs is a 12-step plan
To make her happening again

dinsdag 10 januari 2012


Slow is

The movement I’m in

Well everything is in black and in white

Before I’m digested I’ll stare over the rim



Should be the colour of every mind

There’s the micro and the macro

And our tripe in de middle



When I close my eyes

And I belong to you



Ending up on a polluted shore

More greyish than blue

The water tastes godless through and through



And you will receive

Be deprived of empathy

and you will deceive

maandag 9 januari 2012


Think of your life and how it was intended to be
Look at the ruins staring back at you

First you take then you contemplate
My atoms shake
My eyes dilate
I found what I’m living for

May I am and I’m alive
June and I’m over the moon
My atoms shake
My eyes dilate
I found what I’m living for

zaterdag 7 januari 2012


All is see is what I want to see

I smile and act politically correct

Well actually I really don’t give a shit

I’ll take your vote please

and that’s about it


I’ve taken this seat

You know the seat you’ve given me

and with it comes all my childhood frustrations


Your given mandate I sure as hell won’t follow

Solve real problems??

Well you see

That’s not my calling


I rather take the easy route and drain easy money from your purse

And when everything fails by my undoing

I just wave it away

And call for a different tuning


We’ll I’m not placed here the serve you, the queen or anyone else

I’m here to serve me and me alone

For I’m the one dimensional man


She waves a ribbon

A banner would suffice her more

Make her message more stern

She executes that for which she was born


Maggie was there when the wall fell and was torn down

She never expected that the same socialist nightmare

Would spill over to this land and this town


23 years along the line and freedom has slowly been chipped away

The illusion of freedom and democracy paramount

as the conservatives voices have their way


Alternative voices smothered new ideas circumcised

For bonafide dissident voices are deemed a threat to the system

Ridiculed without objectivity or regret


Maggie says we’ve been beaten into submission

into superficial hyperboles

The capitalistic hounds of hell are unleashed

When one dares to say that this is not how it was meant to be


So right is bad and left is good?

Tanja Nijmeijer in the FARC

De Rote Armee Fraktion

sure as hell spoiled my mood


Subjected to (anti) social media and binary depression showcased

We sit and remain extremely sedentary

Drowning in our own binary waste


Maggie no longer trusts her neighbour

cause her neighbour could be a snitch

The government propagates distrust

Maggie asks herself: What world is this??

What is this shit??


Maggie walks the gauntlet

Till there’s no one left

She waves a ribbon

And the gas comes and the rubber bullets hit

She waves a ribbon

cause it’s damn worth it

Dr Air is back!!

It's so great and dope to see one of my old school graffiti heroes hitting the streets of Amsterdam again. This guy and guys like Ego, Tarantula, Dr Smurry, Walking Joint, Collodi, Dragon and many others of the Amsterdam 82/83 writers wave made me get into the graffiti game when I was a kid. For me it's a feast for the eyes to see the legend back on the walls of Damski again.

New street pic


Some things can’t be attained

You feel like driving a nail into your column bone

From the fence into nowhere

Nothing shines nor ever shone


Some things ride the meagre express

Coming home to a fatal nest

Speaking in hyperboles and platitudes

For this ailment there is no cure


Some things take pills to feel something

Or nothing inside

The search for equilibrium can be such a stride


Some things leaf through the pages of the “good book”

Like down here up there is just a crook

Just wild fantasies run amok

At least on bended knees you feel like being part of the flock


Some things rent an assassin to get the job done

Pills and paralysis for each and every one

woensdag 4 januari 2012


Ask me a question

get silence in return

So afraid of standing out

So afraid of being heard


Fear and discomfort the thin red line

The distance and the ability to conquer that

Would be like pulling an atom bomb from a small hat


The kettle was stirred my voice unheard

Yet I screamed inside

Dreaming of the days

when this wretched feeling just would die


And there she was

Red haired and young

Far away yet so close

Always shimmering

My immaculate rose

Insecurity written incoherently

In prose


Tears welled up in my eyes

I wanted to be close

But knew I would die if I even tried

So I shrugged my shoulders and walked on by


So where the days when I was younger

All dreams ripped to shreds and asunder

A full of dread and fear adolescent

Yearning to escape the ass-end


Green is the colour we start with

Black we end up while biting our own tail

and when all else fails

we shine at specific hours

and act oh so frail


Let’s drag our bodies over the slippery sleet

Let’s weep at specific hours

Dropping catatonically on the streets


Erect ourselves up again

Then banging on the door

of a wayward old friend

Shrieking at specific hours

Cause you think you can


So green when we start up

Blackened anddecaying

When we end belly up


I perceived the beauty of the hawkbit

The hawkbit floating through salty air

I look at you 

watch it being caught in your hair


We understand waves of radiance

our gazing sends

Can we understand this majestic land?


I kiss your pruned lips

I find myself trapped in your honeydew

There’s more than one heaven

They’re all encapsulated in you


My thoughts head nowhere but here

You’ve shattered open my iron cast heart

My dearest dear


I dread the notion that you and I must part

But for now let’s watch the world pass by

We’ll see

For now let you be me and me be thee

dinsdag 3 januari 2012


And so it happened that we’ve dialled the same life

And so it happened that we’ve been cut by the same side of the knife


10.000 lashes combine me and you

The pain of treason

and a punctured point of view


You better listen

You better listen

They told the boy with the facet eyes

These crippling words keep buzzing through his mind


And so it happened that we’ve dialled the same life

And so it happened that we’ve been cut by the same side of the knife


10.000 lashes combine me and you

The pain of treason

and a punctured point of view

New street pics