zaterdag 7 januari 2012


She waves a ribbon

A banner would suffice her more

Make her message more stern

She executes that for which she was born


Maggie was there when the wall fell and was torn down

She never expected that the same socialist nightmare

Would spill over to this land and this town


23 years along the line and freedom has slowly been chipped away

The illusion of freedom and democracy paramount

as the conservatives voices have their way


Alternative voices smothered new ideas circumcised

For bonafide dissident voices are deemed a threat to the system

Ridiculed without objectivity or regret


Maggie says we’ve been beaten into submission

into superficial hyperboles

The capitalistic hounds of hell are unleashed

When one dares to say that this is not how it was meant to be


So right is bad and left is good?

Tanja Nijmeijer in the FARC

De Rote Armee Fraktion

sure as hell spoiled my mood


Subjected to (anti) social media and binary depression showcased

We sit and remain extremely sedentary

Drowning in our own binary waste


Maggie no longer trusts her neighbour

cause her neighbour could be a snitch

The government propagates distrust

Maggie asks herself: What world is this??

What is this shit??


Maggie walks the gauntlet

Till there’s no one left

She waves a ribbon

And the gas comes and the rubber bullets hit

She waves a ribbon

cause it’s damn worth it

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