maandag 29 augustus 2011


Form particles and dwindle
Yet remain forever here
The ever expanding forever
kisses and makes love to the forever endless

Magnus deems the void complete
Nothingness is the harpoon that settles
in the neck of the subatomic
Oh stand in awe and grace

Does the moon harbour a monolith?
Are we swayed to kiss eternity?
Radiant the sun
Before it blast into a supernova
Are forms are equal in their inequality

Remain stationary
and be forever petrified
Become one with forever
by directing your pruned lips
to the sky

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011


Please let me be
Let me go
Let me in
Let me go
Don’t be a no show
A man harnesses his powers from it
It lowers his quaintness

No leverage to pull himself up
No brass hinges to save his soul
No fence can hold a man back
When it’s open and wide
a man goes for the attack

The first thrust is one you’ll never forget
The last thrust you’ll never regret
And when the dust settles down
Your vices are stripped bare to the bone

Desire and hunger are the trades of a bi-legged wilderbeast
Vices and desires are where our two ends meet

Newcastle Show Announcement: Laser 3.14

For info go to:

donderdag 25 augustus 2011


Tears are shed while you are forced to sit in the dark corner
You dream of valleys, mesas and meadows
You dream of honeydew
You dream of what we once were
You dream of a life beyond the life consumption
You dream of something new

They transformed living into a throttle contract
Refusing you to read the small print
Your mind knows you have to run havoc
But fluoridation stripped you of your will

You can feel them watching you
Listening in on you
Desecrating one’s will
You are here only to serve baby
And to pay dehumanizing bills

Every time the threshold of perception beckons
It’s greeted with ridicule or a hail of bullets
So we can weep afterwards

Baby modern day fascism exists on both sides
There’s no middle ground any more
All nuances obliterated
We walk on trapdoors

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011


And then the rush comes
To undo you of your bluesy heart
And the ghost stops
to dance to another melody
The light’s confusing you
The sounds run rampant
Neon flashes on a wet sidewalk
The fled ones rule the night
The devil arrives just in time
to turn your soul into nuclear waste
You’re like Chernobyl begging

Eternity feels like a roaring beast
Love’s a bitch
You’re craving like a dog in heat

Don’t care which way is up
Chances I’ll end up belly up
Always looming on the horizon
Trapped in Neverwhere

At the corner remnants of a homecoming queen
Life is relentless
You know what I mean

zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011


Love is in the tears we shed
Beauty the herald of everything

So let your lament guide you
to the field of solace
Undo you of your sorrow
Till you lament no more

We swim through oceans of derangement
We kick the bucket until it tolls
We know about the infantilism
Cause it’s all around us
And in our core

The heart beats for almost everyone
The clock will one day stop to tick
We have to conquer many walls to reach perception
Cause the fog is so thick

We are skin and bones
Easily dethroned
Easily alone

But you know baby
There’s always a way out of the faux
Just slitter over to the real
Like a slippery trout

New Artworks

woensdag 17 augustus 2011


We are man
comprised of love angst
and desire

We are man
capable of angelic gestures
and hellish discourse

We are man
and nothing more

zondag 14 augustus 2011

Laser 3.14 prints landed

After our recent visit to Amsterdam and catching up with Laser 3.14 he kindly agreed to send us some of his old screen prints from his studio.
Inquire about them at:

donderdag 11 augustus 2011


You're spinning around on your axis 
Prancing on your toes
Our love coalesce

The perfect stare evokes the perfect glare in one’s soul
We are a long way from the comedy of existence
I urge to solve the riddle of you
My purest beauty
For I want to know the secrets that lay beyond
I watch you dance
An invisible rope
So close yet so far away


Never force the humble man
to take a stance
Never force the meek to
bleed for what they believe in
Aah screw it
It’s nothing new
Elementary will see us through

We all know the fire by heart
We all know we are being screwed by tards
Still there’s no excuse
For Camelot would still be falling

Depression comes in all forms
Financially socially and something else
Sanity’s held for ransom
In a cellar only Humpty Dumpty knows

Fire and roving mobs rule the streets
The city’s burning like a gasoline soaked sheet
There’s always an underlying current
When ignited turns man into beast

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

maandag 8 augustus 2011

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

And the winners of the "Amsterdam... The Essence" book contest are

.. drums....
Jesse Gosse
Jo Morris
Marie Berhanu
Laser 3.14

woensdag 3 augustus 2011


I’m going down this metropolis
I’m haunted by a bitter kiss
I’m fast-forwarded
Then fast-forwarded again
They ask us to denounce ourselves
And repent

The now is black and white
So the future must be in colour
So can I please makeover my soul
At a beauty parlour

I tried to live it up
But then I heard a scream
Why not just incarcerate me?
so I can truly be free

No need to cover up your dreams
The past was black and white
the future in colour
or so it seems


You tried the stuff
but it’s not enough
Cracks open your skull
makes you drop

You wear a mask
And act coherent
You hear distorted
And call it heaven send

You call up God
to call the rotting off
You try a hit of the other stuff

You want your head to elongate
You want to ascend into another state
You want your head to elongate
You want to ascend
then reappear in another state

Your skull is thick
Your body sick
Still you bluff
You’re tougher than the stuff

Blue ribbons
lilacs turn black
Clouds appear mushy
Particles dance
you feel the lack