woensdag 25 februari 2009


The effects take hold, shape and form
Can’t hold back this awkward behaviour
I take another sip and try to figure what went wrong
I witnessed the flower blossom
but now it’s gone

I’m on bended knees
In shards and splinters
a token for you
I wish you were here singing that elevating tune

Will I drift beyond the edge of sanity?
Every breath I draw feels like it’s being squeezed out of me
I’m a pawn of my own game
Being pushed out over the edge
and erased out of my own frame

It’s not only your tears that draw out my confession
You made me taste it and it tasted like heaven
My reality is spinning in uncertainty
The stakes are high
But there’s nothing here to win for me
Reality bites hard
While the Universe takes a back seat
Leaving me unbalanced unabashed
and brazen

Stale and pale with the notion of surrendering
Everything’s coughed up for me
You draw your certainty from this
And from the ones
whom never eluded you
You were the only one
Sailing home in gratitude

How many bricks must we lay before we have a road?
Can Man truly harshness the kingdom in the screaming of a toad?

donderdag 19 februari 2009

laser 3.14 and the Levi’s® back pocket project

Levi’s® back pocket project
Check it our here: www.levisbackpocketauction.com

The Levi’s® back pocket project has already proven to be a tremendous success in Belgium, but the Dutch counterpart is now entering its final stage and is about to cause an even bigger buzz!

Levi's® has invited artists from the most diverse disciplines –but all breathing the spirit of the brand- to add their personal touch to the classic back pocket, resulting in precious little works of art by artists like lingerie-designer Marlies Dekkers, TV-host and actress Sophie Hilbrand, fashion designers Daryl van Wouw and Bas Kosters, visual artist Ottograph, band members from Voicst, Direct and Moke, and ‘must see’ underground artists. From January 29 the pockets will be on display at CoffeeCompany, 153 Van Woustraat, Amsterdam. From February 14 they will pop up in other CoffeeCompany shops all over the city. Last chance to see them: Levi’s® Store Kalvertoren, from February 27 until March 31.

vrijdag 6 februari 2009

New video of the balloon project.

New video of the balloon project.
Thanx to Alvaro
See it here: www.youtube.com

maandag 2 februari 2009


See the meaning of reason coming in
See walls come down and betray you
See lepers being healed
See the lips being sealed
See history being excavated
See lies being devastated
See the fall of rules
See the Oriole sing the blues

See to coming a new dawn
See the old one going down with a yawn
See the reapers sharpen their knifes
See the pacifist battle for his life
See the arteries being ripped to shreds
See the living wander the Earth dead
See intransigence on the evening news
See the Oriole sing the blues

See how reason’s fading fast
See how hate seems built to last
See the third nail of the crucifixion
See the fall of benediction
See time being placed in a noose
See the Oriole sing the blues