donderdag 29 maart 2012


Can you bear the naked plains?

or the cosmos objective, without judgement?

You can try to hide among the chimes

Or saddle up and ride into a glorious sunset

But what will you leave behind for the ones left behind?

What will be your surplus or your stock?

What’s was on your mind 

when you decided to leave the flock?


To you disarray makes sense

You cuddle up among the remnants

You submerge


Sweet Lotus don’t you cry

I breathe for you Lotus

please dry your eyes


Every time I close my eyes I drift into liquid paradise

Every time I frown the luscious seem to leave town


We’ve seen love flow like a stream

So can you convey the light that beams out of one’s body
Ends up being sung in hymns?


You can’t get art from a perfect world

Nor porous idealism without reality blossoming

There’s fury and passion in the outcasts and pariahs


Every time we sliver we lose a bit more

Our blinders are like dark spots on a liver

Tumorous at its core


Shall I lick the lollipop or lick the toad?

Derange my senses and experience the genesis

and zero

The You can't get art from a perfect world line by Joanna Morris

woensdag 28 maart 2012

New street pic

photo by hydeyhodey

dinsdag 27 maart 2012


I must obey this

Before I slip into number zero

No need to contemplate this

I’m ready to dive into the inferno


I’ve lived through the Betamax and VHS wars

I’ve seen the wall beaten to shambles

I’ve seen the dawn of cyberpunk

I’ve seen the oilfields aflame

I’ve seen the two brothers come down

And the world would never be the same


We suffer through left winged induced political correct fascism

We’ve seen backward religion emerge like a billion Hiroshima’s

We‘ve seen the old currencies betrayed by coughed up ones

We’ve seen the sound mind being treated like a disease

We seen reason and logic been brought down to its knees


I’ve watched the fail stamped decisions of the one dimensional man

I’ve seen honesty being stuck and stored away in a tin can

I’ve seen art succumb to mediocrity

I watched 7 billion Winston Smiths waiting to kneel


We should ask the lamb to delay its coming

We should ask the mockingbird to stop humming

Some so full of themselves they would drink their own diarrhea

History is full of moments of revolts, resistance

and the emancipation of the pariah


And as for cataclysm go

The promised one is a no show

maandag 26 maart 2012


Breaking bread like ecstasy

Seeing more than you should see

Saying no to everything that they have preached

Licking wounds after the grief

Lay it open or be derailed

Open windows and telltales


No regrets and be spared

Everything that’s broken doesn’t always need to be repaired

Look at them fractures and sing about their pains

Look at them fractured sing or refrain


You always had an ounce of love

Even in the loonier days

Even it in even it out

Dream about the badlands

Before the last breath slips away


All the leaves have fallen from the trees
All the flowers shrivelled
They’ve matured
Nothing matters anymore

I’ve lived way beyond my half-life time
I created an island that was truly mine
I stood radiant on its pearly white shores
Nothing matters anymore

I tasted the nectar excreted from her pores
It eased life’s sorry sore
Nothing matters anymore

I heard the rumbling
I witnessed the tumbling
I couldn’t have asked for more
Nothing matters anymore

New street pics

zaterdag 24 maart 2012

vrijdag 23 maart 2012

donderdag 22 maart 2012


She opened the trapdoor to see the tantrum
When you stand erect in the eye of the storm
Life no longer feels random

She stroked the quail
It coiled in her hand
She thought about resurrection
A foiled plan

Fall into a vacuum
Leave everything behind
We carry the spark so we can combust

Let your shadow always know you’re there
It’s not insane to live in doubt
Or let you’re soul be stripped bare

Nothing can’t take away the pain
She pressed down the door handle
Now she knows shame

zaterdag 17 maart 2012

dinsdag 13 maart 2012

vrijdag 9 maart 2012


If this coin brought us so much

why do I see the sorrow it forced upon us?


If this currency brought forth so much prosperity

Then why are we sinking?

Damn what the hell were they thinking?


Half the city’s up for sale

Privatisation killed rationality

And the corrupt hands grab whatever they can

Bonus here bonus there

Unbearable prices for the common man


They laugh at us from their high glass towers

As our parents lie in their own waste

Once a week they get to hit the showers

They never could’ve dreamt this would be their fate


It’s the same old song:

Economic imperialism at the end always falters

Hubris and arrogance brought Alexander to the ground

Did the Caesars in

Melancholy spills over the brim


So what if it all falls apart?

We humans have the power in our hearts

To make a brand new start


Slide away

Slide away today

Slide away tomorrow

Slip through my fingers

Grains of sand

If I put you back and mend the broken hourglass

Would that get time flowing again?


Slip away today

Slip away tomorrow

Slip through the cracks of my soul

My deepest sorrow


A boy pulls his red kite into the air

A woman stands on the pier

Her hair gently waving in salty air

One just left the genesis of his life

While other is halfway through


We are voyeurs in each other’s existence

I can’t seem the stray away from my turmoil

I can’t seem to smile between my teeth

Like you


So I slide away today

I slide away tomorrow

I dig deep into the solace of my sorrow


George watched the horse pull the cart

Carrying the goods

As the farmer rhythmically lashed away

The horse took it 

one after the other

It was a sunny day


“If only the horse knew its power”

George thought: “He could overpower the….”


Then a name appeared


zaterdag 3 maart 2012

New drawing