dinsdag 27 maart 2012


I must obey this

Before I slip into number zero

No need to contemplate this

I’m ready to dive into the inferno


I’ve lived through the Betamax and VHS wars

I’ve seen the wall beaten to shambles

I’ve seen the dawn of cyberpunk

I’ve seen the oilfields aflame

I’ve seen the two brothers come down

And the world would never be the same


We suffer through left winged induced political correct fascism

We’ve seen backward religion emerge like a billion Hiroshima’s

We‘ve seen the old currencies betrayed by coughed up ones

We’ve seen the sound mind being treated like a disease

We seen reason and logic been brought down to its knees


I’ve watched the fail stamped decisions of the one dimensional man

I’ve seen honesty being stuck and stored away in a tin can

I’ve seen art succumb to mediocrity

I watched 7 billion Winston Smiths waiting to kneel


We should ask the lamb to delay its coming

We should ask the mockingbird to stop humming

Some so full of themselves they would drink their own diarrhea

History is full of moments of revolts, resistance

and the emancipation of the pariah


And as for cataclysm go

The promised one is a no show

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