zaterdag 28 april 2012

woensdag 25 april 2012


Blood puddles in Rhodesia

Naked trees in Zimbabwe

Black smoke rises up in Norway

Only one game to go in Amsterdam


Who’s filling the gaps?

This new atomic reality will bring forth a new beast

Their weak harvest brings forth an unsanitary feast


Bye bye gravy train

You really ran a number on our brains

If they only asked us who we were instead of what we wanted to be

Than a Universal future we could’ve seen


Listen up:

If there is an ism you better not go for schism

Yeah better grind your teeth when you hear socialism

None will bring forth horns of abundance

Only weak fragile trees


It’ll raid your soul and leave you for dead

If they only asked who I was  

But asked me what I wanted to become instead


Oh my son what have they done?

Robbed us of progress and vision

Man is no longer what he was meant to be


Oh my son what have we done?

If we remain docile we must bleed

UKB Interview with Street Artist/Poet Laser 3.14

Read it here

donderdag 19 april 2012

Info new laser 3.14 exhibition: "Let me know the rules so I can ignore them"

Lara Serer
Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
t: +31 (0) 20 712 6559 

"Let me know the rules so I can ignore them"

Amsterdam 18 April 2012
On Thursday 3 May 2012 Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam will host ‘Let me know the rules so I can ignore them’, an exhibition of the artist Laser 3.14.

The artist will bring the street to W+K ,presenting an installation of his new work, which consists of framed prints, steel shields and handwork on wood panels.

Hailing from Amsterdam, Laser 3.14’s passion for graffiti began in the 80’s, evolving into sketching and producing comics, illustrating, and writing poetry. Towards the end of the 90’s he ran into an artistic impasse and felt the need to re-ignite a creative spark he felt had been lost. As a result, he went back to his roots; graffiti writing. It was at this point he began to utilise the city as his canvas, and turned his poetry into street art.

Laser said, "I see no difference between the city and the work that I add to its walls. The only distinction is that my work is consciously visible to the public while the poetry of the city is not accessible to everyone."

"Let me know the rules so I can ignore them" by Laser 3.14 

Date: Thursday, May 3rd til May 18th 2012
Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM
Address: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, Herengracht 258


About Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Wieden+Kennedy is an independent, creatively led advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their consumers.
Founded in 1992, the Amsterdam office is a truly international agency purposefully built to produce global and pan-European campaigns. Clients include Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Heineken, GE, Nike, Electronic Arts, P&G, BASF, Beeline and ESPN. W+K Amsterdam was recently named the world's most awarded advertising agency in 2011 by The Gunn Report.

New street pics

woensdag 18 april 2012


If I ruled the day?
Where would I stay?
Would I renounce the sun
Or renounce the grey?

Could we join together converge and coalesce
Join together the now, the future, the past?

Radiant the flower bed
The courtyard and its walls
The tapestry beckons to be conquered
You’re here

Your skin immaculate poetry

I touch it
Nothing can touch us

A smile
And my barrier falls to shards
A glance
And the Universe is torn apart

I know
I know
I enter


Blind men rule us
who are in deaf in one ear and refuse the hear with the other
Everything they touched made the world stand still
All their unnatural ideals made society ill
And repression followed

He who is right will be branded wrong
From refugee to tyranny
Asylum for the theocratic despots
and demographic disasters followed

We are all cut and gutted by the sharp edges of naivety
Deprived of all sense, reason, logic and rationality

All the swindling maniacs can count a stay out of jail card
But the common man on the street will fined and bullied
Until his dignity falls to shards
And discontent follows

We are forced into this senseless imperialism and its bleak destiny
And a great depression followed

Those who allow it to happen are just as guilty as the perpetrators
Those who refuse to take action are sailing that same boat
No escape for those who bow for tyranny
Well try they can:
There’s no escape for the docile man

maandag 16 april 2012

zondag 15 april 2012


Can I come in?
I know we haven’t seen each other in years but can I come in?
There are people out there who hate for hating
Who discard love like a snake sheds its skin
The shadows force me in
Can I come in?

No I’m not a black-eyed dog scratching at your door
Yet I’m no longer that little boy pulling himself up the wall
glancing over the brim
Can I come in?

It’s warm in here
Warmer than I remember
I love what you’ve done with the room

No milk no sugar
No I can’t recollect all my sins
Thank you for letting me in
I’ll be gone before the early morning bell tolls
The early church bell rings

No diamond is worth your soul
An ego can only stretch so far
The halo cracked
The pavement shrieked
All these discrepancies make us weak

The liver couldn’t purge all the poison
The mind couldn’t refresh everything
Life such a medicine show filled with quacks
I’ve seen joy spiralling down the sink

We are down here by proxy
Made out of stardust and other things
Or will you let your teeth sink in?
Thanks for letting me in

donderdag 12 april 2012


Looking at the razor

Dreaming how it would feel cutting through the layers of your skin

You know how it would end

You just don’t have the guts to begin


Looking in the mirror

All you see is a shapeless form

A heap of flesh

Nothing more man

Nothing less


Staring at a large glass full of boom boom

Thinking back to a blissful life that never was

It’s ironic how irony chases us down

Your song is truly a melancholic tune


You are the navigator

Who crashes through the walls of your sins

I know even though I’m breathing I’m not here

By default I’m walking the stage

I’m so nervous

In my head runs rampant the Minotaur

But believe me:

It was either this or the razor

A new photographic series on artist, Laser 3.14 shot by rising star Anne Barlinckhoff

We wanted to make a series about Laser 3.14 how it never is done. In a mysterious and creative way. Portraying him in his surroundings day and night.
Him, his work, our spontaneous moments and ideas. Trying to get people to think they know a lot more, but actually they don't. It's still a secret. The photographs are a secret about a secret. It tells a story, but leaves also something for your imagination. And of course Laser's awesome work in different ways. 

Anne Barlinckhoff  Amsterdam 2012

maandag 9 april 2012


From the day I was born I knew thus moment would come

I took my time to come to this last station

This last stop

I’ve reached the winter of my life

I can tell you I’ve had one hell of a ride

I’ve got no regrets

So let the dark cloak come

and cover me


This bed has been my home for months now

My body’s slowly shrivelling away

Its time has come

Yet I detect it has one last thing to say

I’m now at ease with things slowly deteriorating away

Death is the final destination

We all must (gasp) face


Death can be a Magnus opus

A great last act

The pinnacle of life (gasp)

yet the left behind (gasp)weep


As I close my eyes and drift away

over the oceans of stars (gasp)

Over…the.. (gasp)..oceans.. of… eternity..




I wish I knew you

I wish I could see every indentation up close

Every discrepancy

Every little moll


I wish your ears could hear what I hear

The universe humming

A void drenched of fear


I wish I could smell you

Experience you up close

Feel solace as I watch your smallest gestures

The passing of time

Would be the only measure


I wish we could ride the gravy train

Our hair dangling in the wind

At night we would sit on its roof

watching the sparkles

The sparkles in the rain


Blossom and become majestic in front of my eyes

A black carriage is standing at the foot of the hill

The kids always seem to cough up new thrills

From the mesa I am aiming down

At souls stuffed in a can of tin

There’s a hearse for every sin


Like eels the demurring souls slide down

I’m going for liquid sky and liquid dreams

Or so it seems


Blisters on the soul

Blisters on the palms of your hands from wielding a knife

Tried to kill the ghoul without a goal

Well what the heck

at least you tried




let us rediscover the fire

Let us once again rise from the mire


Take down these erected walls cordoning us

Brick by brick

Find something worth fighting for that sticks


Heaven is just a breath away

Inhale sincerity

And believe me

it stays


Let’s rekindle what made us brave

There’s so much more beyond the membrane of this cocoon

Perception should be harvested

and then strewn

dinsdag 3 april 2012


They asked me to walk in line

They asked me to regurgitate my dignity out

I’ve never let it slip passed my gullet

I stood my ground and walked proud


I could’ve made it easy for myself

I could’ve sat in front of the bus

But I rather walked among the cracked skin full of abscesses

excreting puss


A smile is filed as a disease

in the sick world they created

They will govern everything to death

Until their dark cloak has covered and choked everything

And there’s nothing worth living for left


They dreamed their gravy train would roll on forever

But they miscalculated the ever evolving progress

That always will purge the stench

To ignore that fact is like putting your head between and vice

And being beaten to death by an oversized wrench


Things can shortly be planned out

But beware there never was an omnipotent plan

So when you feeling it sliding up your gullet

You better stand your ground

And walk proud

maandag 2 april 2012

Buyers beware:

Buyers beware: The Dutch have always prided themselves with being open-minded, benign, smart, democratic and having the virtue of freedom of speech

But ever since the emergence of Pim Fortuyn that image has been shamelessly dragged through the sludge. There's a large group that will willingly and openly create an atmosphere where murder can and will happen. There's a large group of so called "do gooders" who are willing to murder or let murder happen.

This group is not benign (even though they present themselves as being benign) nor are they open minded, nor are they smart, or even understanding the virtue of democracy and even more the virtue of freedom of speech.

I myself always believed in an open forum that cut both ways. Which means that in this open forum one should always objectively listen to what people have to say without going into a fit. Cause even the voices you might not agree upon might be right.