woensdag 25 april 2012


Blood puddles in Rhodesia

Naked trees in Zimbabwe

Black smoke rises up in Norway

Only one game to go in Amsterdam


Who’s filling the gaps?

This new atomic reality will bring forth a new beast

Their weak harvest brings forth an unsanitary feast


Bye bye gravy train

You really ran a number on our brains

If they only asked us who we were instead of what we wanted to be

Than a Universal future we could’ve seen


Listen up:

If there is an ism you better not go for schism

Yeah better grind your teeth when you hear socialism

None will bring forth horns of abundance

Only weak fragile trees


It’ll raid your soul and leave you for dead

If they only asked who I was  

But asked me what I wanted to become instead


Oh my son what have they done?

Robbed us of progress and vision

Man is no longer what he was meant to be


Oh my son what have we done?

If we remain docile we must bleed

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