zondag 15 april 2012


Can I come in?
I know we haven’t seen each other in years but can I come in?
There are people out there who hate for hating
Who discard love like a snake sheds its skin
The shadows force me in
Can I come in?

No I’m not a black-eyed dog scratching at your door
Yet I’m no longer that little boy pulling himself up the wall
glancing over the brim
Can I come in?

It’s warm in here
Warmer than I remember
I love what you’ve done with the room

No milk no sugar
No I can’t recollect all my sins
Thank you for letting me in
I’ll be gone before the early morning bell tolls
The early church bell rings

No diamond is worth your soul
An ego can only stretch so far
The halo cracked
The pavement shrieked
All these discrepancies make us weak

The liver couldn’t purge all the poison
The mind couldn’t refresh everything
Life such a medicine show filled with quacks
I’ve seen joy spiralling down the sink

We are down here by proxy
Made out of stardust and other things
Or will you let your teeth sink in?
Thanks for letting me in

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