woensdag 18 april 2012


Blind men rule us
who are in deaf in one ear and refuse the hear with the other
Everything they touched made the world stand still
All their unnatural ideals made society ill
And repression followed

He who is right will be branded wrong
From refugee to tyranny
Asylum for the theocratic despots
and demographic disasters followed

We are all cut and gutted by the sharp edges of naivety
Deprived of all sense, reason, logic and rationality

All the swindling maniacs can count a stay out of jail card
But the common man on the street will fined and bullied
Until his dignity falls to shards
And discontent follows

We are forced into this senseless imperialism and its bleak destiny
And a great depression followed

Those who allow it to happen are just as guilty as the perpetrators
Those who refuse to take action are sailing that same boat
No escape for those who bow for tyranny
Well try they can:
There’s no escape for the docile man

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