donderdag 19 april 2012

Info new laser 3.14 exhibition: "Let me know the rules so I can ignore them"

Lara Serer
Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
t: +31 (0) 20 712 6559 

"Let me know the rules so I can ignore them"

Amsterdam 18 April 2012
On Thursday 3 May 2012 Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam will host ‘Let me know the rules so I can ignore them’, an exhibition of the artist Laser 3.14.

The artist will bring the street to W+K ,presenting an installation of his new work, which consists of framed prints, steel shields and handwork on wood panels.

Hailing from Amsterdam, Laser 3.14’s passion for graffiti began in the 80’s, evolving into sketching and producing comics, illustrating, and writing poetry. Towards the end of the 90’s he ran into an artistic impasse and felt the need to re-ignite a creative spark he felt had been lost. As a result, he went back to his roots; graffiti writing. It was at this point he began to utilise the city as his canvas, and turned his poetry into street art.

Laser said, "I see no difference between the city and the work that I add to its walls. The only distinction is that my work is consciously visible to the public while the poetry of the city is not accessible to everyone."

"Let me know the rules so I can ignore them" by Laser 3.14 

Date: Thursday, May 3rd til May 18th 2012
Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM
Address: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, Herengracht 258


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