dinsdag 3 april 2012


They asked me to walk in line

They asked me to regurgitate my dignity out

I’ve never let it slip passed my gullet

I stood my ground and walked proud


I could’ve made it easy for myself

I could’ve sat in front of the bus

But I rather walked among the cracked skin full of abscesses

excreting puss


A smile is filed as a disease

in the sick world they created

They will govern everything to death

Until their dark cloak has covered and choked everything

And there’s nothing worth living for left


They dreamed their gravy train would roll on forever

But they miscalculated the ever evolving progress

That always will purge the stench

To ignore that fact is like putting your head between and vice

And being beaten to death by an oversized wrench


Things can shortly be planned out

But beware there never was an omnipotent plan

So when you feeling it sliding up your gullet

You better stand your ground

And walk proud

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