maandag 9 april 2012


From the day I was born I knew thus moment would come

I took my time to come to this last station

This last stop

I’ve reached the winter of my life

I can tell you I’ve had one hell of a ride

I’ve got no regrets

So let the dark cloak come

and cover me


This bed has been my home for months now

My body’s slowly shrivelling away

Its time has come

Yet I detect it has one last thing to say

I’m now at ease with things slowly deteriorating away

Death is the final destination

We all must (gasp) face


Death can be a Magnus opus

A great last act

The pinnacle of life (gasp)

yet the left behind (gasp)weep


As I close my eyes and drift away

over the oceans of stars (gasp)

Over…the.. (gasp)..oceans.. of… eternity..



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