vrijdag 20 juni 2008


I crawl through the eye of the needle
spinning on one toe
I feel cornered and my eyes go blind
I don’t think I will make it
Some take pills or chloroform and die
If that is so
why can’t I?

I’m fading away into strange waves
I’m scarred and cold
Can’t anyone save me?
Excruciating pains in my heart

It will never, ever, ever sail over
I crawl and crawl through an empty room
Vultures circle the love we once had
Figures appear from the mist
Dark reaper in black clad

It’s a cycle that seems never ending
I crawl up the walls
Anticipating a return that never happens
There’s only silence

I’m fading away into strange waves
I’m scarred and cold
Can’t anyone save me?
Excruciating pains in my heart

woensdag 18 juni 2008


Chloroform rings in the end
when all roads lead to nowhere
Always had a clue
years overdue

So afraid I had to wait and wait
Feeling so starved and deprived
Save me with just one kiss
before I fall into the endless abyss

Everyday cuts like a knife
Every breath like one too much
Every stare make me shrivel

Dream of becoming one with the clouds
No longer live and die in a world that never learns
Got desperation in my pocket
it seems that’s all I earned

Now all hope is gone
I had it for the first time in my life

maandag 16 juni 2008


Careful with that flame
it won’t rain for a long time
Swallowed by the abyss
All hope fails inside
Outside the cold wind is fierce
Inside a woman in tears
A woman in tears

The pain we inflicted comes belching out
Silent fool laughs down on us from his cross
Diamonds could not change the fact
that there’s no longer any mutual respect

The fire came and we didn’t even tried to duck
We thought we could live off our luck
Things lie in ashes and ruins
In ashes and ruins

If there truly is a master plan
Hope is a reason to find it again
To find it again

You shoot lightning bolts straight into my heart
but that’s nothing new
Behind my eyes there’s no one else but you


Give me the key out of this cage
Give me some warmth so I go up a degree
Give me attention and I’ll be forever grateful
Give me some love and I’ll forever stay here

Devotion crushed out
My heart grown so big with love for you
it almost exploded

Give me strength to carry on
Give me a light and I am gone
Show me life beyond this
Show me the price of all this

Devotion flushed out
My heart grown so big with love for you
it really exploded

Come forward again
let me laugh with my face in the wind
Let the end be where it all really begins

vrijdag 13 juni 2008

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It’s hard to discard the feeling of abandonment
I’ll try it each morning and every day

You process reality into euphemisms
Bull me like a minotaurus
When I’m loved I don’t want to be stigmatised
When I’m loved I want to hear a siren sing

You drink spiked ginger ales and live off innuendos
I open the door but the face keeps fading
Injustice is what they call you
I don’t believe you anymore
I open the door but the face keeps fading
You ignorance gave me a peek into what hell looks like
I’m not yours anymore
You showed me the dirt
Now it feels like I never feel clean again

Can’t you see the effect this has on me?
I cut my hand open till the blood drops
I write my name in red
I write my name in red

The shop isn’t open so booze is out
The sink drains the drops forever
The music’s loud


Friendship forged one received more than the other side
For my friend I would forge a kingdom out of the fire
sticking my hands deep into the flames
Defying the heat
Giving love back it true name

But you received more than I
I gave you more than you me
Opened my sanctum to let you in
Opened my sanctum to let you in
I was always there when your emotions spilled over the brim
I would fight 1000 bulls for your sake
I wrote it prose or rhyme
Dreamed of staying with you till the end of time

But now the dime has flipped to the other side
You stabbed reality straight into my heart
Now gone are the days
Now gone are the days
Why must something so beautiful feel like a waste?
The sun should’ve reflected harsh on our water

Now I’m not there anymore to save you
I would’ve given myself up to save you
To save you


I said rope, you said noose
I said shove, you said push
I said tight, you said loose

I thought our bond would be sacred
I can’t take the blame anymore
Now my memories are for hire
I have to leave now
I really don’t know
But I think for a long while

You stood by the side watching it crumble to dust
You stood there while it succumbed to rust
When I was thirsty where was the water?
Didn’t prohibited this all to falter

I thought our bond would be sacred
I can’t take the blame anymore
Now my memories are for hire
I have to leave now
I really don’t know
But I think for a long while

donderdag 12 juni 2008

Burning Bridges: Exhibition @ Brick Lane Gallery, London, 13th June - 22nd June 2008

Planet Patrol, Gallery Nosco and Campbarbossa
in association with Brahma beer
are pleased to present their upcoming summer show,
Burning Bridges

Exhibition @ Brick Lane Gallery
13th June - 22nd June from 11am - 6pm
Brick Lane Gallery, 196 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA

Featuring artists :
Alexandros Vasmoulakis · Dave the Chimp · Labrona · Cum* · Bruno 9LI · Case · Herakut · Other · Gawd · Kareem Lotfy · Matt Small · Laser 3.14 · Stormie Mill · Juan Francisco Casas · Sweet Toof, · Cyclops · Hugo Mulder · Mr Jago · Uno · Case · Mantis · Ethos · Beejoir · The London Police · Philippe Marthien ·

Prior to the show, Live Painting Session at CARGO with:
Alexandros Vasmoulakis (Gallery Nosco) , Dave the Chimp (Planet Patrol) , Labrona vs Gawd (Campbarbossa)
Friday 6th June, free from 6pm - 9pm

Music by:
DJ AYA (BoomBox Records Planet Patrol Resident)
DJ Dante Gabriel (Rairbirds)

83 Rivington St
Kingsland Viaduct, Shoreditch
London, EC2A 3AY


The lost time spend with you
I will never regain
I tried so hard but you would never refrain
My emotions cheapened
Sold to the lowest bidder
A investment done wrong
Now its stocks slips notes lie worthless on the ground

So many words none ever agreed
Now our moment as passed us by
No need to try to regain that what’s lost
No need to draw clouds in our empty sky
No need to explain that what we already know
Our moment came and died

This wasn’t charity
It was real
You’ve turned away
and broke our holy seal

Come in marauder and give me the kiss of death gently on my lips
Oh hasten please make it quick


A confluence of classical music and Street Art.
Opening: Saturday, August 16th, 5 pm.

Amsterdam June 2008

As with last Summer, the GO Gallery will once again organize a group showing with almost two dozen artists, titled: Aerosol Symphonies - Part II. Some of the participating artists, to name a few, are: Laser 3.14, Hugo Kaagman, BLADE (NY city), QUIK, The London Police, Def P, Peter Pontiac, etc..

The opening on Saturday the 16th of August 2008, will be accompanied with a performance by classically trained Finnish Singer and Violinist, Mirella Pirskanen, who gained international acclaim with her performances at Cirque Du Soleil, Holiday on Ice and Flairck.

Last year, summer 2007, GO Gallery worked with a number of international and local Street Artists, to present AEROSOL SYMHPONIES. (The word Aerosol being derived from the Spray Can)
In this showing, two worlds come together. The exhibit is a meeting of the world of classical music and modern art, street art.
All the artists have chosen a piece of classical music, which has touched them personally. The music, its origin and the story behind it have been studied carefully. With this piece of music, the artists have then made an artwork, a composition of their own, a painting.
Just as the composer was inspired by his surroundings, the artist has let him/herself be inspired by their favorite composer.

As with last year, AEROSOL SYMPHONIES PART II, will open at the GO Gallery, to coincide with the official opening of the Canal Festival on Saturday 16th Aug. 2008, at 17.00 hrs., in the GO Gallery, with most of the participating artists being present.

The Canal Festival is an annual happening on the canals of Amsterdam, with classical music being played at various spectacular locations on the canals of Amsterdam.

For more information regarding the exhibition held in 2007, please visit our website, www.gogallery.nl/aerosol-symphonies

Kind regards,

Oscar van der Voorn
GO Gallery
Prinsengracht 64
1015 DX Amsterdam.
Tel.: 020-4229580