vrijdag 13 juni 2008


Friendship forged one received more than the other side
For my friend I would forge a kingdom out of the fire
sticking my hands deep into the flames
Defying the heat
Giving love back it true name

But you received more than I
I gave you more than you me
Opened my sanctum to let you in
Opened my sanctum to let you in
I was always there when your emotions spilled over the brim
I would fight 1000 bulls for your sake
I wrote it prose or rhyme
Dreamed of staying with you till the end of time

But now the dime has flipped to the other side
You stabbed reality straight into my heart
Now gone are the days
Now gone are the days
Why must something so beautiful feel like a waste?
The sun should’ve reflected harsh on our water

Now I’m not there anymore to save you
I would’ve given myself up to save you
To save you
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