woensdag 30 november 2011

maandag 28 november 2011


Can I keep this flower?

I’ll keep it nearby

Can I store these memories?

On our behalves

Don’t ask me why


Shake the tree to see what falls out

Implement your consequence with pure reason

and stand proud


We are stranded but we are free

We are cynical yet ecstatic as can be

We fill the void of disconnection

by stepping into ourselves


The air filling our lungs justifies this existence

The thin red line the barricade of false hope and false redemption


Close your eyes watch colours vie

Just let them be

Slowly your ghost steps into me


And I witness the flowers that exist in you

Standing erect under a sky so blue

zondag 27 november 2011

vrijdag 25 november 2011

donderdag 24 november 2011


Come with me

Be with me

Breathe the same air

Walk with me

Come with me

Align with the stream

And the glory we’ll see


Come with me

Be with me

It’s a gods decree

Strut with me

Align with the ancient Gods

And crystalline we’ll be


Come with me

Coalesce with me

Ride the slipstream with me

Tame the wormhole with me

And together we’ll be

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woensdag 23 november 2011

zaterdag 19 november 2011


Dream my sweet child

Dream beyond the rim

Everything’s available

As long as you lick up your sins


Freedom is a spectre

A form you have to fill in

A false note on life’s partitures

An abandoned escape


Dream on my sweet love

Patriarchs know your name

They’ll lick up your sins

Just as you told them to do

Cause they are the one’s to blame


I look you straight in the eyes

While your finger gently tip over the pot

Spilling over all the ink

You walk over to the burning kitchen

To wrench out your soul

While black water spirals down the sink


Dream on my child

We are born the conjure up rains atomic

To break the barriers of the sonic

To built cold metal towers

To have our graves stacked with flowers


Street lights

I’m head bound

My head comes together

I’m slow dancing in a midnight air

While nobody’s around


Rich is the widow behind window one

Death came easy for window two

Solitariness stripped her bare to the bone


Sodium and sand

Enables us to look outside and outside in

A glass filled with water

Makes enables to spill it over the brim


You look up

And there’s the infinite celestial

Project yourself beyond the interstellar

Be baffled


Let the right light in

Cancel the tripe out

Keep the cool swagger

The shriek and the shroud

donderdag 17 november 2011



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woensdag 16 november 2011


Made it through the darkness

To plant a seed

Sat in the light to watch it sprout and flourish

Waited until the sun was depleted of energy

The end was nigh


I look back to the days when life felt like lying on the purest silk

each dawn stroked me like velvet

Rivers of milk and honey flowed in my mind

And felt a kindred to all kind


The first time a fish bit my hook

I sled down the hills of white landscapes

I felt complete


Remember when you tried that cool swagger?

Life never felt better

A promise whispered in my ear

Your lips so near


Life’s felt the holiest in the reckless moments

These memories are its great tokens


Life carves canyons of existence on your face

Yes time moves on

just as long

as you feel like the turtle

who beat the hare

You will always be able

to beat the dead man’s stare

dinsdag 15 november 2011


If I could collect your soul and pin it to the wall

If I could conquer you

Lush and all

I've watched you for a long time

Safely from a distance

The idea germinated for a long time

but solution came in an instance


Although you were over there

I always felt you near

Although you were the image soaking through my binocular

I always knew you would end up here


Dear Miranda forever mine

Do you feel drops of sweat

rolling down your spine?


So you’ve noticed my butterfly section?

Nothing gives a collector more pleasure

Than adding another specimen to his collection

maandag 14 november 2011


That face in the mirror is not deplorable

Screw you

Your eyeliner looks like it’s in great distress

Get your ass in the car

Before the world runs over you

And there’s nothing left


Drive that car bubba

Drive it all the way to end

Drive it till the world burns

And reality bends


Fuck the turnpikes

Screw the turnpikes

Raise your fist up in the air

The other holding the steering wheel

Your truth laid bare


Kowalski, Kowalski

None of these roads can tame you

my friend

Screech them tires

Screech them tires

Drive yourself free

Until the bitter end


You’re not getting any younger

So stop hesitating at a slow rate

Nothing moves slower than an unwanted gut feeling

and its decision

But you know it feels like a precise incision

That had be done

Cause it was planned in for a while


The chandelier’s lamps went out one by one

Yet other things spin into infinity

And can’t be undone


See the rags those dusty rags

They were once pristine and clean

The room became damp

The crystals lost their sheen


Reel after reel playing in my head

The incidents

The sun burn

The worshipping of the ancient dead


You are measured by what you achieve

after you’ve crawled

You are judged by the way you fall


We all have to fall and stand up again my dear

We are all an exponent of everything

My dear


Herbal common and ecstasy

Slide under the door to the place you want to be

Draw back your logic

Shambling and yawning

You are ready


Stare into the glittering

Swallow the soul of the radiance

You’ve always felt ready

She says she’s there for you

She says she there for free


Everything’s glittering


You’ve always been ready


The black dog barking

Circling larking


Celebrate the soul days

Wonderful in every way

Piece in Babel

donderdag 10 november 2011


A pledge for the fucked up

Open the drapes let there be light

I stare into the distance with my pupils dilated

It’s a common threat we wake up to

It’s a common threat we wake up to


She’s eager to play

But the world outside is here to stay

I want to open my mouth and spew brimstone and fire

She takes my hand and together

we watch the fire burn higher

and higher


Shall we drink the cool aid?

Have our lungs undone of oxygen?

Or stand on the banister

And have our bodies turn to wet clay?


Close the drapes and let there be darkness

The small glimmer in your eyes

Is the only power I want to harness

maandag 7 november 2011

New street pics


You can’t escape death

although death sometimes chimes

Life will flow like mercury

Until the end of times


Arbitrarily scattered and yet so majestic

Such an honour to see it

Such an honour to be it


Although this gift succumbs to frivolousness

Down here oblivion should be heed will all earnest

Yet among the birth chamber of stars

So vast its glory

It beats louder

than any beating heart


There’s no judgement up there

The forever celestial

Every living soul should feel blissful

Transcending the carnal


So I ask you to be brave my valiant heart

So when the thunder comes

You won’t fall into shards