woensdag 16 november 2011


Made it through the darkness

To plant a seed

Sat in the light to watch it sprout and flourish

Waited until the sun was depleted of energy

The end was nigh


I look back to the days when life felt like lying on the purest silk

each dawn stroked me like velvet

Rivers of milk and honey flowed in my mind

And felt a kindred to all kind


The first time a fish bit my hook

I sled down the hills of white landscapes

I felt complete


Remember when you tried that cool swagger?

Life never felt better

A promise whispered in my ear

Your lips so near


Life’s felt the holiest in the reckless moments

These memories are its great tokens


Life carves canyons of existence on your face

Yes time moves on

just as long

as you feel like the turtle

who beat the hare

You will always be able

to beat the dead man’s stare

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