dinsdag 1 november 2011


Fill me up stare me up

and I’m illuminated

My pen can’t stop writing odes about you

My soul surrenders to the fire

So why should we surrender to platitudes?


The fire makes my discontent come undone

My trouser unzipped

Sending me up to heaven

while standing bi-legged


I was alone but now you’re here

I tasted the drought

But now you’re near


Gloomy greed brought the house down

Can Camelot be rebuilt once more?

Don’t ask me to wave a white flag

for I’m not good at it

What’s it good for?


Don’t sob we’ve all been betrayed by the erratic chuckling dogs

Don’t grieve, just believe that Moloch will fade to the distant once more

Pick up your can and create your own destiny

Laurels will leave the bowels untouched

I see a melting cross

So you no longer need to beg on bended knees


The radioactive swine of Persia

Howling dogs of Moloch

Binary Moloch

Despicable Moloch

Moloch screams

Moloch beams

Moloch breathes black smoke


Broken down and grinded to a halt

Democracy’s sensitive as a snail poured over with salt

Yet the deceivers reply

We’ll keep on taking till all of this dies


We have become a whore without a body

A dog without paws

A penis without the ability to urinate

An orgasm without the possibility  to ejaculate


So Moloch has won

and this end has just begun

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