donderdag 21 november 2013

zaterdag 9 november 2013

Andenken Gallery is very pleased to host the exhibition,
‘To All The Angels I’ll Never Know - New Works on Wood’ from Amsterdam’s Street Poet, LASER 3.14.

The exhibition opening is Friday November 15th from 18:00 - 22:00 at the Battalion space in the Westergasfabriek.

Show is on from November 15th - December 1st,

Catch it while you can.
View works from the exhibition at:

BATTALION Pazzanistraat 17 1014DB, Amsterdam

vrijdag 8 november 2013

donderdag 24 oktober 2013

Laser 3.14 6 Poems (from: White Phosphorus)

Check it out: A pre-taste of six poems from White Phosphorus provided by hosted by lebowski Publishers
Photos by Anne Barlinckhoff and Catharina Gerritsen
Read them here:

donderdag 17 oktober 2013

zondag 15 september 2013

Black Latrines

Politically correctness is killing us
Self-deprecation is killing us
Self-deprivation is killing us
Self-abnegation is killing us
Cultural suicide is killing us
Cultural relativism is killing us
Religious fascism is killing us
Politics are killing us
False progressiveness is killing us
Sadism is killing us
Masochism is killing us
Defeatism is killing us
Thought crime is killing us
Overconsumption is killing us
Greed is killing us
Appeasement is killing us
Apathy is killing us
Emptiness is killing us
God is killing us
Holy books are killing us
Infantilism is killing us
Fear of reality is killing us
Dissociation is killing us
Anti-depressants are killing us
Lobbyist are killing us
The E.U is killing
Fear of gathering data is killing us
Disloyalty is killing us
Cheap talk is killing us

Cowardice is killing us

Too many cowards in bunny suits

Oh my oh my
How much longer will we embrace the contemptible?
How much longer before we stop making excuses for it?
How much longer will we sugar coat the evil that stares us in the face?
If we don’t condemn the condemnable
We shall become the contemptible
And our children will contempt us for tuning a blind eye
We are raping their future
Their world
With a lie

Too many cowards in bunny suits
There’s no excuse good enough for this cowardice
There’s no excuse good enough for this cultural suicide
There’s no excuse good enough for this appeasement
There’s no excuse good enough to for this crippling fear
Violent confrontation is coming
Oh boy it’s near

The mind is the gateway to heaven or hell
Some fight for the first
While most lazily lean backwards for the latter

And the days roll by but the tune doesn’t change
We’ve travelled beyond the pale
Fragile freedom is a virtue

Watch it fade away

donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Nike “Real Hero” Exhibition

The word hero is a badge of honour. To be heroic can be an act or a state of mind. It can be attributed to people or it can be an ideology. It sometimes courts controversy and can both divide and unite opinions. For this exhibition Nike challenged their European designers and a wide range of creative visionaries to explore the notion of what makes a hero.
On Thursday 22nd August the best artistic interpretations will be presented at the Machinegebouw gallery in Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek complex. Diverse submissions from the likes of Wim Crouwel, Hort, Ilovedust, Laser 3.14, Tyrone Lebon, Golden, James Joyce, and Ruud Baan will be showcased alongside pieces from Nike and Converse designers. All of the art is available for purchase on the night and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to War Child.

zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

dinsdag 30 juli 2013


Ten very nice handmade works from Laser 3.14 (Amsterdam) are dropping tomorrow at
Info: Handmade work on mixed media. Each piece is hand sprayed on newspaper collage background, made on paper (no print). Each work is unique and original. Signed and numbered.

Quantity: 10 pieces
Price: 150 euro ex shipping
More info and pictures @
Read more:

zondag 7 juli 2013

The time has come, first Solo show Lot•01

The time has come, first Solo show Lot•01, curated by my friend and amaaaaazing artist Sit Haiiro . Hope to see you 20th of July at the GO Gallery.

woensdag 5 juni 2013


Glory is gone
Guts lie dead in the gutter
Morality strangled and choked
Everything a gaff

Liberty a farce
Fearing reality as it comes crashing in
Almost forgot about its existence

A theatre
The play is getting worse by the minute
Loneliness and the fear of seclusion define the autumn of our lives
Smiles appear only sardonically
Time moves on
only to hurt us

Fools laughing at the foolish jokes of fools
Nothing to jack-off to in this meagre existence
Can’t even get off tripping on oneself
Then the hard rain comes
And it keeps on raining
and raining
and raining



All the particles make up us
We exist in the realm of our existence

Silence can be the most beautiful string of words
If I drag my body over the floor of deception
Will you kiss my soul?

Wonderful escalation
Sky bars in Manhattan
Here to settle the score
And hope the gain some perception

My dear lady Oxymoron
Null and void

We are on the task to realise our dreams

donderdag 9 mei 2013

woensdag 8 mei 2013



Poëziefestival De Nieuwe Liefde
Een open en avontuurlijk festival in de Nieuwe Liefde en de omringende Dichtersbuurt op 24, 25 en 26 mei 2013
voor de line-up kijk hier

More new Laser 3.14 shirts from 500GODZ Available now!!

Order them here

New painting

zondag 28 april 2013


The forest expands around me
And I feel clean
I’m taking the trash out
I believe

A bit of faith
Hope and desire
Over the brim
Avoiding the mire

Dear sweet butterfly
Not part of our rat race
A hornet skims right pass me
A close shave

I am stung
by the beauty of these surroundings
Its potion rids me of life’s pain
A warm blanket of solace
Falls over me
Exploding blight untamed

I don’t want to head home
I don’t want to head home
I plead to forever remain

vrijdag 26 april 2013


I wish I were better
Better at opening up
At letting it in
Better at loving
Better at giving

Better at breaking the chains
That bar me off
Better at making
that which is hard
Better crossing the bleak clearing
Better at steering

But most of all
I wish I were a better man
Than I am

woensdag 17 april 2013


Any old iron
Any old iron

You can hear them coming
Machine men
With machine plans

Any old iron
Any old iron

Infinite growth
And throttle contracts
Blocking out the sun
Breaking reason’s back

Any old iron
Any old iron

Watch the results
Let go of those pipe dreams
My friend
It’s cabal that never ends

dinsdag 9 april 2013



Poëziefestival De Nieuwe Liefde - 24, 25 en 26 mei 2013
Een avontuurlijk festival over poëzie, dat zich afspeelt in De Nieuwe Liefde en op diverse locaties in de omringende Dichtersbuurt.

De vraag ‘wat is poëzie’ is de avontuurlijke rode draad die door het hele festival heenloopt, en natuurlijk is dat ook het thema van de opening op vrijdag 24 mei 2013 om 20.00 uur. Twaalf uiteenlopende dichters, kunstenaars, tekenaars, schrijvers en buurtbewoners laten in woord en beeld zien wat zij vinden dat poëzie is. Twaalf korte, scherpe, spannende ‘poëziepitches' door:
  • Anne Vegter (Dichter des Vaderlands)
  • Kira Wuck (jonge dichter, Finse meisjes, 2013)
  • Martijn den Ouden (jonge dichter, Melktanden, 2010)
  • Jan Rothuizen (beeldend kunstenaar, De Zachte Atlas van Amsterdam)
  • K. Michel (dichter/filosoof, o.a. Bij eb is je eiland groter, 2010)
  • Marlon Groenhart (buurtbewoner, oprichter Abundanz en Umustgrow)
  • Mirjam Berloth (buurtbewoner, beeldend kunstenaar, kunst in leegstaande panden)
  • Monique Samuel (politicoloog, publicist, Mozaïek van de revolutie)
  • Laser 3.14 (straatdichter/beeldend kunstenaar)
  • Christine Otten (schrijver, o.a. De laatste dichtersOm adem te kunnen halen)
  • George van Houts (acteur/cabaretier, o.a. De verleiders, Van Houts & de Ket)
  • Kettly Mars (schrijver/dichter uit Haïti, winnares Prins Claus Prijs 2011)

zondag 7 april 2013


Every movie needs a story
Coherent or otherwise
Every encounter something to remember
Every October a September

Everything I want
Stands on stilettos heels in the snow
Eyes glance right past me
And I’m lifted up

Waves of the past rise as the wind blows
Fragments of reality tatter the fantasy
Up here in coherent sky
Angelic voices stem from mood indigo

Down there we see a woman cry
As she slips in and out nowhere
She is passable
yet time left traces on her face

Down there
a barber dreams of a hairless world
So he can get away from it all
Everything feels palpable

Down there
a poet strikes a chord
Yet remains unheard
Disappointment, fury and fire
Theatre of the absurd

Down there
a painter rubs his brush over the canvas
Realising his fatal mistake
A fall from grace

When life is cordoned off with metal bars
When the glass is half full
to remain half empty all the time
all you can do is swallow your spit
and sardonically smile

zondag 31 maart 2013

New street pics


I can still see it
How it started
Me joyous
Smiling dialling in on you

In rapture
Beneath a willow tree
You dialling in on me

We entangled
Killing, killing time
In heaven
Absent all traces of hell

And at first light
It was the best farewell

zaterdag 30 maart 2013


The cold wind breezes and I’m still me
I remember something
Hoping that something remembers me

My head is full
But my heart feels shrunken
Romance feels mush
The garden sunken

You are nothing without a heart
The absence of love can tear a man apart

An image of you
Porcelain skin
Eyes of blue

Yet so pure
I walk on
In demure


As I am I am static
Background noise
With white noise somewhere in between

A binary wallflower
A code looking to be cracked
A soul yearning to be hacked

As I am I am axiomatic
With my binary coat I travel lightly
I drive along a waysideless highway
Smiling sardonically
While my soul’s expanding 

vrijdag 29 maart 2013

Tjep. at Milan Furniture Fair 2013

Let us shape the future we want now. Let us shake things up. Let’s have the confidence to expand our perceptions. Let us glow in the now. 

Tjep. will launch the new collection at Milan including Hendrick’s Collection, the Il Treno, Isolée, our new online hit, and the exclusive launch of Body Graffiti: jewelry from one of the world’s most secretive street artists. We also have a world-first furniture innovation involving human DNA in collaboration with Dutch DNA.

In Milan? You’re invited to come to the Tjep. exhibition at Ventura Lambrate.

Plusdesign gallery 
Via Ventura 6
20134 Milan

Opening time
Tue–Sat 10:00–20:00
Sun 10:00–18:00

Hendrick’s Collection 
Inspired by one man’s dedication. Hendrick's Collection is a contemporary furniture range inspired by 17th century paintings of Hendrick Avercamp, an artist who devoted his life entirely to the portrayal of Dutch winter scenes. On display will be a selection of items from the collection.
Body Graffiti 
Exclusively launched at Milan! In partnership with Laser 3.14, the eponymous secretive graffiti artist from Amsterdam, we’re applying his renowned insightful, witty and often revealing narratives to jewelry. Each tag will be cast in silver, gold, or titanium, available either mounted on a symbolic drop of silver paint or hung on silver cord. Laser 3.14’s usual canvases are the transient hoardings around Amsterdam.
Il Treno
Il Treno 
A standalone piece, this daring item creates a dining experience reminiscent of the old secluded train compartments on the Orient Express. This modular unit is handcrafted in Ash or Oak wood and comes in two versions, one with storage for your fine china and one without.
Our escape to the country. A new architectural design that kicked up a storm online and was featured by Frame Magazine, DOMUS, Dezeen, designboom, inhabitat, and many other media. This house is a new architectural design delivering an ecologically friendly retreat from the modern world. Combining intelligent technology with elegant sophistication, this design creates a habitat that barely impacts its environment. With computer controlled shutters, intelligent self-sufficient heating systems, wood storage, solar tree and minimal footprint, the Isolée creates permanence, but with an engineered beauty all of its own.

Copyright © 2013 Tjep. ®, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

Veembroederhof 204
1019 HC Amsterdam
The Netherlands