zondag 7 april 2013


Every movie needs a story
Coherent or otherwise
Every encounter something to remember
Every October a September

Everything I want
Stands on stilettos heels in the snow
Eyes glance right past me
And I’m lifted up

Waves of the past rise as the wind blows
Fragments of reality tatter the fantasy
Up here in coherent sky
Angelic voices stem from mood indigo

Down there we see a woman cry
As she slips in and out nowhere
She is passable
yet time left traces on her face

Down there
a barber dreams of a hairless world
So he can get away from it all
Everything feels palpable

Down there
a poet strikes a chord
Yet remains unheard
Disappointment, fury and fire
Theatre of the absurd

Down there
a painter rubs his brush over the canvas
Realising his fatal mistake
A fall from grace

When life is cordoned off with metal bars
When the glass is half full
to remain half empty all the time
all you can do is swallow your spit
and sardonically smile
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