vrijdag 24 februari 2012

New street pics

donderdag 23 februari 2012


I was weightless
I tiptoed
I did everything
Except being an average Joe
Every kiss you give
Gives me the power to exist

I wasn’t born to be an island
I wasn’t born to be so shut closed
Things just progressed that way
Like watching the perfect exit and the door slam
This is who I am

I was born with paper wings
So afraid of the paper moon
Always tiptoed passed the flames
Lived behind thick glass
Always feeling marooned

Yet I always knew where I wanted to be
It was always any place but here

But the wings smouldered away
The moon became real
Growing up breaks
Innocence seal

Still there were hollow days
Days that went
Days that stayed
But you
Dear satin skin
You arrived
I found my way

There will be days of thunder and fire
I will lift my shield and fight off the dragon
Make my way through the barricades
Make my way passed the pyres

We will cling together underneath
a burning arcade
The day we were born
sealed out faith

maandag 20 februari 2012


Pipes fiercely piercing the skyline
Black smoke they breathe
The dream of Baal
Incarcerated by the slippery slope

Dead dogs and Coca-Cola
We howl no more
Receptive and docile
In the morning and at night
We use the same door

Production is made
We stare without blinking
We focus without thinking
The meds get you through

Even our dreams look desaturated
Is this what Albert meant when he spoke about technology?
Have we become its analogy?
Have we’ve fallen out of our own equation?
Dear Charlie
Dear Orwell
We truly have failed thee

zondag 19 februari 2012


The gargoyles staring down
I lived here forever
But feel like a stranger in this town

Behind each and every glowing window
All the angels I’ll never know

The moon is radiant
The night sky clear
My shadow follows me
As I head to your sanctum my dear

We can be filled with filth
We can be filled with gold
The first is drenched in darkness
The second shines bold

My knees are weak
You are my dream
You cracked this heart of stone
No longer I shall wander by my own


Religion preaches unity

But only creates segregation

Politicians promise solutions

But are the root of the problem


Television sells us dreams

But daily we walk through the nightmare

Magazines present us artificial perfection

But I know true perfection can be found in the honest heart


Instant fame means nothing

Unless you have the guts to make your hands dirty

True art craves for that


Why do we put our faith in the hands of the visionless?

The passionless?

Whom only mission seems repression and nepotism

When will we rise from the ashes

And decide what’s good for us?

We know what’s good for us

It’s true

We really do


I gave up voting just as I gave up smoking

Pills and other thrills

Why should I vote for any of those misery makers?

Dream killers?

The soul takers?


Squeezing out every ounce of creativity

Who fear a second renaissance

and forcefully hold it back?


Doubt is not the enemy

for doubt can make one bloom

I truly hope the light will once again burn in us

Otherwise it will be brimstone and gloom


Will we survive this lose/lose game?

I’ll tell you shortly after the atomic rains


Something strange happened to me when I was held at gunpoint

Something unexpected

Instead of grovelling in fear I felt nothing

No contempt

No urge to retread



vrijdag 17 februari 2012


There’s a ripple in the fabric of existence

Did I just repeat myself?

Did I just repeat myself?

Did I just repeat myself?

Did I just repeat myself?


The clouds turn to dust

The stars in peril

The captain is on the loose

And the cattle shriek and shrill

I’m not poking in business I should not poke in to

But from where I stand I can see the deception

I hope so can you


donderdag 16 februari 2012


The first time I felt the crack of the belt

I knew what I was in for

The first time I felt the crack of the whip

I knew what life was all about


I knew this world was no Lala land

I knew there where honest people

I knew there was contraband


The first time I was screamed down

I knew about the corruption in this town

And about the killing of reason

For honesty it was hunting season


The first time her eyes shied away

I knew there was this union of ladies in distress

Who during the day act like they could care less

While at night they lie and cry

curled up like a baby

in their beds

of solitude


The last time I loved

I knew I truly loved

But what is love worth?

When love ends up in hurt?

Yeah what’s love worth

When it only ends up in hurt?


Sleeping under celestial sky

Only we know why

We felt the burning in the holy hour

Now we’re entangled beneath burning sky


We are the ones summoning the nocturnal spirits

We are the ones achieving the purest joy of being


Flee with me inside my heart

Nothing can tame

Or trap us in a state of lack


Let my flame burn with the same intensity as yours

For we will be reborn in the holy hour

woensdag 15 februari 2012