donderdag 23 februari 2012


I was weightless
I tiptoed
I did everything
Except being an average Joe
Every kiss you give
Gives me the power to exist

I wasn’t born to be an island
I wasn’t born to be so shut closed
Things just progressed that way
Like watching the perfect exit and the door slam
This is who I am

I was born with paper wings
So afraid of the paper moon
Always tiptoed passed the flames
Lived behind thick glass
Always feeling marooned

Yet I always knew where I wanted to be
It was always any place but here

But the wings smouldered away
The moon became real
Growing up breaks
Innocence seal

Still there were hollow days
Days that went
Days that stayed
But you
Dear satin skin
You arrived
I found my way

There will be days of thunder and fire
I will lift my shield and fight off the dragon
Make my way through the barricades
Make my way passed the pyres

We will cling together underneath
a burning arcade
The day we were born
sealed out faith

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