zondag 19 februari 2012


Religion preaches unity

But only creates segregation

Politicians promise solutions

But are the root of the problem


Television sells us dreams

But daily we walk through the nightmare

Magazines present us artificial perfection

But I know true perfection can be found in the honest heart


Instant fame means nothing

Unless you have the guts to make your hands dirty

True art craves for that


Why do we put our faith in the hands of the visionless?

The passionless?

Whom only mission seems repression and nepotism

When will we rise from the ashes

And decide what’s good for us?

We know what’s good for us

It’s true

We really do


I gave up voting just as I gave up smoking

Pills and other thrills

Why should I vote for any of those misery makers?

Dream killers?

The soul takers?


Squeezing out every ounce of creativity

Who fear a second renaissance

and forcefully hold it back?


Doubt is not the enemy

for doubt can make one bloom

I truly hope the light will once again burn in us

Otherwise it will be brimstone and gloom


Will we survive this lose/lose game?

I’ll tell you shortly after the atomic rains

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