zaterdag 30 mei 2009


Fatherland is energy and glory
Where you feel better you feel worse
Life’s stalked by a big black hearse
Something migrated from my head to my toe
Down with failed systems
Ignoring the cause of the brittle
Something's created to smother the meek
No solution for pollution in any form
Love a song so bleak
Deafness created this weather
Life is a falling stone creating ripples on the water
Your flapping created that destructive storm
Close your heart
throw away the key
Using cards to memorise
The failing happening before your eyes
Pick it and place it there
Individuality is stigmatized
The body’s oversized
You copulate but don’t know where to go
Rapture is wreckage
Rapture is complicated
And dark clouds end up above atomic land
These are the dreams that can pull you under
Take you to the other side
Distance between you and the others
Where can I lease more time?
Remember when we were …?
I remember that I once breathed for you
I breathe you
I breathe

vrijdag 29 mei 2009

Tomorrow morning interview on De Avonden VPRO Radio

Tomorrow morning interview on De Avonden VPRO Radio. Check it out here:

zaterdag 23 mei 2009


Endless and bleak

Take a shower
Another shower
Another day
behind thick glass
A definition
that’s what I seek

Brushed my teeth
Ate my breakfast
Tied my shoelaces
Now what?

All these towering columns
Threaten me
Staring at me… me

I’m naked
Yet I’m wearing clothes
No connection
No connection
I have no phone

The burning bush inside me screams
Every broken heart
is linked to another broken dream

Another day behind
thick glass
All these faces visible
I’m in the centre of this armada
reaching critical mass

The judge is long gone
The verdict is done
The case closed
I’m still naked
Yet I’m wearing clothes

vrijdag 22 mei 2009


A fragile existence trapped behind a closed door
The celestial sky can never become a bore
Silence as we watch galaxies collide
Eyes gaze at the existential
The harbinger called the end of dreams

Photons, protons, quasars, black holes
The micro, the macro, the subatomic
Birth chambers of stars
Everything is interwoven
Close distances never mean less
than the far

Shall we dance at the edge of the Universe?
Shall we kiss and experience universal Bliss?
Shall we give birth a heart shaped star?

Before the Universe ends
Before the Universe dies
I want to experience the untamed glory
behind your glittering eyes

Frailty? I don’t know about this
Garner hope
Maybe what it takes to save the Universe
is one single kiss


If he’d only heed the words of the burning bush
screaming inside of him

If he’d only listened to the songs
of sunrises denied

He would’ve never been trapped
in the clutches of these desired wings
Where are they now?
All those shiny brilliant things?

The broken mirror
disfigures every broken face
Tried to kiss the thunder
and got pulled out of phase

Wanted to live behind her eyes
believe me
Spinning on one toe

donderdag 21 mei 2009


A spectator
Severed from the rest
A poet
A lover
More battered than the rest

If love was and easy to enter sanctum
The poet would pay with his soul to enter
The lover would stand in the middle
of the centre
Instead of standing outside of the outer rim
Wearing a plastic crown
King of the brim


Every moment and every night
I’m longing and pining for pure blight
Every day
Every day I soar
Every second
Forever more

Are you my dream weaver?
The saint pulling me out of the driving rain
My words wrapped around your skin
A conversation begins

Am I a sunken ship?
Lying deceived at the bottom of the sea
A kiss can end everything
Or set us both free

Let me wrap my words around you
Please once more
Let your teardrops dilute my pain
Forever more

donderdag 14 mei 2009

New book review on

Check it out here: (Dutch only)

My new video short titled " All angel wings coloured white" is online

My new video short titled " All angel wings coloured white" is online. Check it out here:
and here:


woensdag 6 mei 2009

dinsdag 5 mei 2009

The Laser 3.14 site updated

Yeah updated the site. Check it out here: Keep posted more updates coming soon.