donderdag 16 februari 2012


The first time I felt the crack of the belt

I knew what I was in for

The first time I felt the crack of the whip

I knew what life was all about


I knew this world was no Lala land

I knew there where honest people

I knew there was contraband


The first time I was screamed down

I knew about the corruption in this town

And about the killing of reason

For honesty it was hunting season


The first time her eyes shied away

I knew there was this union of ladies in distress

Who during the day act like they could care less

While at night they lie and cry

curled up like a baby

in their beds

of solitude


The last time I loved

I knew I truly loved

But what is love worth?

When love ends up in hurt?

Yeah what’s love worth

When it only ends up in hurt?

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