maandag 2 april 2012

Buyers beware:

Buyers beware: The Dutch have always prided themselves with being open-minded, benign, smart, democratic and having the virtue of freedom of speech

But ever since the emergence of Pim Fortuyn that image has been shamelessly dragged through the sludge. There's a large group that will willingly and openly create an atmosphere where murder can and will happen. There's a large group of so called "do gooders" who are willing to murder or let murder happen.

This group is not benign (even though they present themselves as being benign) nor are they open minded, nor are they smart, or even understanding the virtue of democracy and even more the virtue of freedom of speech.

I myself always believed in an open forum that cut both ways. Which means that in this open forum one should always objectively listen to what people have to say without going into a fit. Cause even the voices you might not agree upon might be right.
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