maandag 2 februari 2009


See the meaning of reason coming in
See walls come down and betray you
See lepers being healed
See the lips being sealed
See history being excavated
See lies being devastated
See the fall of rules
See the Oriole sing the blues

See to coming a new dawn
See the old one going down with a yawn
See the reapers sharpen their knifes
See the pacifist battle for his life
See the arteries being ripped to shreds
See the living wander the Earth dead
See intransigence on the evening news
See the Oriole sing the blues

See how reason’s fading fast
See how hate seems built to last
See the third nail of the crucifixion
See the fall of benediction
See time being placed in a noose
See the Oriole sing the blues
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