woensdag 25 februari 2009


The effects take hold, shape and form
Can’t hold back this awkward behaviour
I take another sip and try to figure what went wrong
I witnessed the flower blossom
but now it’s gone

I’m on bended knees
In shards and splinters
a token for you
I wish you were here singing that elevating tune

Will I drift beyond the edge of sanity?
Every breath I draw feels like it’s being squeezed out of me
I’m a pawn of my own game
Being pushed out over the edge
and erased out of my own frame

It’s not only your tears that draw out my confession
You made me taste it and it tasted like heaven
My reality is spinning in uncertainty
The stakes are high
But there’s nothing here to win for me
Reality bites hard
While the Universe takes a back seat
Leaving me unbalanced unabashed
and brazen

Stale and pale with the notion of surrendering
Everything’s coughed up for me
You draw your certainty from this
And from the ones
whom never eluded you
You were the only one
Sailing home in gratitude

How many bricks must we lay before we have a road?
Can Man truly harshness the kingdom in the screaming of a toad?
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