dinsdag 12 augustus 2008


The power resides in the monolith
The storms gather up
More frequently now
A wild dance in a bleak romance
The rain makes for itching sore
Monotone lives a bore
Sun lotions fail
The highways jammed
There are no easy rides out

This is a zoo with no clear entrance
The fee is being born
Being torn
until you’re worn out
When in a crowd truly alone
as you descent into the belly of desolation
you simply frown

The lost knowledge of ancestors now long forgotten
severed from the forest and the cradle of existence
It comes in the form of restless nights
we cling onto putrid dreams
Shall we put up a fight
or find out what elevation truly means?

Clans fading away when the point is taken
Hearts of dried clay
sardonically say :
“It’s a shame it has to be this way”
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