zondag 16 augustus 2009


It’s engraved above the door
that you can’t enter
Obligatory and diseased

Every second counts
when you’re wounded

She tried everything
to get the stains off

Things converge
Things get blurred
and tossed around
ending up in the corner

As I looked straight across the damned meadows
I heard the flowers scream
I asked myself
Will this the ground where we’ll mourn the dead?
The place to end all dream?

I saw the powerless falling face up laughing
I saw the madness creeping in
I saw the despots eating
gnawing at freedom’s heart
With a wicked grin

Yes my body is carbon based
Yes my love isn’t always verifiable

This Pavlov society
and the decrease of happiness
Where everything is engineered
to make you obey
Each and every bloody day

Decimated and disembowelled
The zealous can no longer escape zealously
No longer will the cross repress true happiness
No longer will the innocence of the infant be divinely shushed
No longer will the repressing word “heresy” uttered
Let’s give progress of science and reason a fair change
or get perpetually trapped in this macabre dance
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