zondag 11 april 2010


So here we are
Residing in the deepest blue
Here we are
Days full of dread
for me and you

The glass is thick
It was always thick
I watched life pass me by
with me behind it

Then there’s the fog
The perpetual fog
Fog when I see them smile
Fog on a sunny day
Fog when I’m insecure
Fog when the moment has past
And I didn’t say
what I wanted to say

If one could only believe to be
better than this
better than that
If only I could rid myself of dread
And ride into the shimmering sunset

I truly do
I want to believe
Wading up to my ankles
I walk
until I’m wading up to my knees

I’m wading in circles
It’s a metaphor
And hopefully nothing more
Nothing more
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