maandag 11 oktober 2010


I smoked pot with an eight-legged dog
Took acid with a four-breasted dyke
I snorted powder from the belly of a centipede
I took pills on hallowed ground
I watched a tangerine dying of laughter
while rolling on the floor
I soared through ultraviolet clouds 
with the biggest midget I’ve ever seen
I prayed to the unresponsive God
of never been

But all these things never gave me the momentum
I was looking for
It never got me there where I yearned to be
The blighted heart
The blighted soul
Sure as hell never eluded me

Years of stasis
I walked the jagged edge of silence
Balancing on a fence
With worn out shoes
Have you ever touched a daisy
And felt the universal energy flow through you?

I look at you and bloom
I think of you and bloom
I dream of you and bloom
Smell the scent of you and bloom
I take it all in
and bloom
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