woensdag 26 januari 2011


Ingesting a substance that mimics the void
The void mimics a crowded void
The crowded void mimics an empty void
Then words appear in an endless stream
Out of my eyes rays of light beam

The brightly coloured translucent liquid waves take over
I watch the dance of the one legged clover
Incoherency and coherency
Stand side by side
My fingers elongate
I slice off a chunk off my pride

“You’re so.. Well… so nanana”
The sun dies above California
While the taste of metal in one’s mouth appears
I’m standing at the wrong end of the rainbow
Oh my I’m at its rear

Oh dear god
The colours of the drapes pulsate
Oh dear god
All my trials
The devil roars its tail
And smiles
He and me
He’s no bore
He and me
We’ve met before
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