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Press release Art exhibition ‘This Cold Metal Future’ by Laser 3.14, at RADAR Gallery 2011

Art exhibition ‘This Cold Metal Future’ by Laser 3.14, April 23rd - May 21st 2010
On Saturday April 23rd at 17.00 the gallery RADAR Architecture & Art will start the exhibition of the well known street-poet Laser 3.14 entitled ‘This Cold Metal Future’. In occasion of the ten years of his writing the artist will present a series of brand new works, never shown before. We cordially invite you to the opening party of the show at our new location, Rozengracht 77 A in Amsterdam.

“The Future Is Now The Future Is Set To Be”*:
Laser 3.14 has been writing the streets of Amsterdam for 10 years. Today more than ever his science-fiction/cyberpunk tags are a perfect commentary to a world in which the future predicted by the fathers of science-fiction is happening now
The artist is fascinated by the fact that the future we dreamed of as children, represented in science-fiction books, movies, comics, animation, music, we are actually living today.

“This Cold Metal Future”*:
In Laser 3.14’s work written on the streets in the last 10 years one can see both admiration and at the same time a subtle criticism towards our futuristic world dominated by technology. Everything that surrounds us today is ruled by the binary code as rightly mentioned by Laser 3.14. That on one hand gives us unseen possibilities of communication, while on the other it exposes us to an incredible amount of information and a constant control of every aspect of our lives. We are becoming “Slaves Of The Digital Overflow” to quote the artist.

These issues have evolved and matured over the years in the work of the artist and are the center of the exhibition This Cold Metal Future.

The soundtrack of the exhibition will be strictly Post-Punk and New Wave music because the same message of admiration and criticism of the technological world has been and still is expressed by many bands of this genre since the early 80's.

The artist:
Laser 3.14 is an artist, cartoonist and poet, but is mostly known for his unique style of street art/graffiti in the streets of Amsterdam, London and other European cities. Short poems like: 'Today I hired a detective to track me down', 'Binary Code be Thy Name' or 'He Cut Out Both His Eyes So He Could Finally See' are his trademark next to his tag. For Laser 3.14 the city is his canvas. His poetry appears on ‘temporary’ materials, like fences, containers, porta cabins and scaffolding.

Laser 3.14 is also known for his gallery artwork. He has had multiple expositions in galleries in Amsterdam and London.

This Cold Metal Future is the second exhibition by Laser 3.14 at the Radar Architecture & Art gallery and the ninth exhibition organized by Radar Architecture & Art.
Press Release by Marco Radar 30 March 2011.

* Quote by Laser 3.14
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General information for recipient press release:
Contact person Radar Architecture and Art:
Weronika Wawrzyniak

Contact person Laser 3.14:
Manuela Klerkx

Radar is a project created in 2008. Its aim is identification, creation and exhibition of various artistic forms such as sculpture, painting, printing, photography, architecture, video art and music.

What we are eager to 'capture' and let emerge must have affinity with these two key points:

1) We are interested in those artists with a research totally independent of the trends of the 'traditional' art market. We consider ourselves an avant-garde monitor. We do not see avant-garde as mere nostalgia for the last century; we see it as a research in the field of artistic expression. In our conviction absolute truth does not exist: what for a period of time was considered "correct" is later contradicted and replaced by something else.

2) We try to find artists who express themselves with urgency. We have no time for formal or decorative manifestations: art (in the broadest understanding of the word) is a “physical” expression of a human being. When it possesses characteristics such as urgency, authenticity and a sensibility to a wide range of spiritual and cultural issues that affect "the actuality", the work itself IS the being that has created it.

Radar aims to intercept all creative events that are at the same time radical, actual and urgent.

Radar aims to organize exhibitions and events that involve individual artists or groups in the fields of architecture, visual arts and music. Radar is open to all proposals and experiments that are consistent with its programmatic manifesto.

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