maandag 19 september 2011


Dear road

where the weary stand by the wayside

I see your white interval lines rolling by beneath me

I kick it into high gear

The city of desire and excess is closing near


I park my car behind the car of a blue pig

A scruffy looking homo-sapient tells he has great blow

I tell him: “Man for me that’s a no no”

I tell him: “Man an angel summoned me”

I tell him: “Man that’s where I was born to be”


He tells me:

“Son sometimes you have dive deep into the gutter

to emerge un-smudged

It gives a man a thicker skin

Makes him touched”

I set forth towards my radiant angel

For me she’s enough


I ring the bell and hear the angelic voice of reason

The door opens

A tired stairwell in a tired old building

There she stands

Radiant as radiant can be

We merge together

and drift away on the ether of purity

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