woensdag 13 juli 2011


So I return home from a journey not taken
The TV shows morons making a fool of themselves
All the kids now want is the glitter not the gloom
“So what’s so important about those books on the shelves”
Love is now packaged in doom

We should try to share the intensity
Of the ray that beams out of the purest heart
No one should surrender
To the everyday ludicrous travesties
Or the ray will ricochet
Off into the infinite nowhere

I tried to believe
I really tried
but it didn’t stick
Like a transplanted kidney
My logic rejected
And rejected it

I tried to walk proud
So now I walk proud
My head sticks up
My spine un-hunched
Like I’m the proudest one
of the bunch

Still I’m so tired of hitting empty space
So I embark again
on an endless journey not taken
Time is upon us
and really cannot be forsaken

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