maandag 25 juli 2011


We’re climbing up
till the bitter end
We will speak out
Till you’re translucent

We will preach peace
Until we’re heaven sent
We will beat it hard
Till reality becomes unbend

I hold on the brass hinges
And smile
My skin is so sore
I have to prove I’m am human
Is here’s nothing we can do
to make the dry tongue moist again?
Shrugged shoulders 
and a dreary refrain

Does it take just one kiss
to undo us from torture?
Just one hug
leads to rapture

Tattered thoughts
on television
Dead eyes
And interdiction

Bitter fruits
And apathy
A lost part
of the rusted machinery
The swindled ant
Of the colony

I sit here
looking at the wounded sky
There’s enough space on either side
I sit alone
drinking my swipe

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