donderdag 27 oktober 2011


Like the infant Earth we’re still taking shape

Like the first light hitting the infant’s skin

Like the first flight that yet has to begin


On my left hand side union

On my right hand side disintegration

On the one hand ecstasy

On the other abomination


Trying to take off while standing on the tip of your toes

Fantasies of leaving Earth to roam precious skies

Pining for every particle to converge with the infinitesimal

To leave the shell behind and transcend to the purest state


Beat for me my untameable heart

Beat for me keep at bay all tarts

Constructed of longing and achievement we are

Although brittle and easy too discard

To experience true glory

True grace


Golden rays emanating from the sun

My hands grabbing air

Your hands grabbing air

Our hands grabbing air

We’ve just begun

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