woensdag 23 mei 2012


The lack of meaning the lack of sense the lack of drive the lack of coherency the lack of lifting up to heaven the lack of miracles copulating with abominations retracting from solitude while listening to their death rattles as their bodies turn to stone while the tenement harbors something that could be hung on a hanger to be rejected afterwards while in ones chest beats a beating heart which beats accordingly when the room is filled with jazz not played by a saxophones as their players are out to get their fix by sucking up the cloud through a sedated straw while the aluminum foil is set on fire on one side making them feel like a dynamo on fire in a factory surrounded by derelict buildings whose occupants fled to the suburbs a long time ago to hide behind white picket fences shooting everybody between the eyes who dare to trespass their lawns while their sons and daughters are looking for a break from the hell they were born into only to slip into a hell worse than the one before getting pregnant and not knowing what to do as Saul makes it spotless and pitch perfect through his Bar mitswa wearing his best suit not long after this fact he graduates and still ends up the be a yid and yet for the common man there’s nothing left but food stamps and lines that ended up being unemployment lines which at the end ended up being unemployment lines as the bigots overrun the land which some ancestors fought to have those damn borders erected like chalk lines on the pavement drawn by a eight year who looked like Heidi who gets stared down by her mother every day with a stare that stinks like raw sewage yet at school they claim the body is a temple but the brain is malleable squeezable like a lychee as the inside shoots out and spirals into the world where sanity is treated like leprosy and where the dogs cry all night to be fed like everyone else

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