dinsdag 29 mei 2012


The music is gone and all that’s left is a glitter ball

It’s like sitting in a room filled with people and still feeling alone

Your throat swollen your tears dry

Trying to form a thought

Ending up feeling wry


Tried to take the armour down but the fear of being exposed

forced you back into hiding

and so it goes


Day breaks and a heart of darkness

The chemical rains

Lonely souls on a lonely morning

You are here and want to be retrofitted

Or conquer the great wide plains


Toe gazers and wallflowers all in the proximity

Saul couldn’t tame the beast and was surrounded by enemies

That’s the sinking feeling as you strut home

The shield you wear hinders you by proxy


They say you must feel empty cause you don’t acknowledge the great detector up above

Well I’ve shot roman candles up in the air

But the spoiled Earth showed me more love


Kiss the dead dog drink your coca-cola

You’ll be fast asleep when midday comes

Wide awake when darkness fills this kingdom


Tame the diamond sea

Tame those golden crosses

Touch the mark of Cain

You’ve shown me destiny

You’ve shown me the great wide plains

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