vrijdag 3 oktober 2008

"ABC Gives: Building a Room to Read"

The American Book Center is pleased to invite you to the opening reception for the exhibition
"ABC Gives: Building a Room to Read"

5 October 2008

The American Book Center has invited artists from a wide variety of mediums
to work on the theme of the charity "Room to Read", which builds libraries
and schools in developing nations, and offers scholarships to girls who
might not otherwise be able to finish their education. A percentage of all
sales will go to support Room to Read (www.roomtoread.org).

The exhibition will kick off with festive activities on October 5th -
2PM: free workshop for children ages 8-16. (see workshop description below)
4PM: Reception and Silent Auction, hosted by Kim Chandler (Chair, Room to
Read NL)
5:30 PM: Live auction with Auctioneer Mark Wilson (host, The English
Breakfast Show)

Participating Artists: Gunilla Andersson, Katja Berkenbosch, Jan Doense, Jo
Holdaway, Cobie Houniet, Mara Leibum, Laser 3.14, Corinne László, Christina
Mitrentse, Tashi Norbu, Chantz Perkens, Jonas Ranson, Tia Renee Ryan, Etta
Säfve, Harald Seiwert, StoryPeople/Brian Andreas,
Peter Vlot, Nick Walker, Rene Zuiderveld. Curators: Donna DuCarme and
Gunilla Andersson

ABC Gives: Building a Room to Read" is at the ABC Treehouse 3-26 October,
and is open for public viewing Thursdays-Sundays, 1-6pm

Become a Story Person - Art Workshop for young people
5 October, 2PM

"My favorite thing is the wind she said & my second favorite is chocolate
but I just do that so I don't get too skinny & blow away." - StoryPeople

In this drawing workshop, we'll use StoryPeople (www.storypeople.com) as
inspiration to help young people (aged 8-16) create works of art based on
their very own 'favorite' things. The workshop will be taught by Nick Walker
& Stephanie Rodriquez. And while your child is being creative, you can enjoy
a relaxed preview of the exhibition!

Nick Walker has taught drawing at The Art Academy of Utrecht and The
International School of Amsterdam, as well as at festivals such as the
Visual Arts Festival in Leiden and the International School Theatre
Festival. The children he has taught Art to range in age from 8 to 18.
Stephanie Rodriguez has worked several years with kids with the objective to
let them discover new ways to look at the world and themselves. She has been
working with them mainly in the fields of dance and theater.

For more information, or to sign your child up for the workshop, visit
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