donderdag 30 oktober 2008

The Gospel According to Brian O'Blivion Lost At Sea Feauture

Dutch street poet and guerrilla artist Laser 3.14's latest project "The Gospel According to Brian O'Blivion" will have a short run from November 8th to the 13th at The Chiellerie in Amsterdam.

Constructed as the artist's vision on "the interrelatedness between humanity and omnipotence of technology," the show will combine his subversive political and philosophical texts and art with the audio constructions of local ambient composer Pieter Nooten, who designed his audio art specifically for the exhibition and will be familiar to fans of the venerable 4AD record label, which released the "fragile songs and dreamlike soundscapes" of Sleeps With The Fishes, a collaborative album with Michael Brook, a decade ago.

Curated by the "anthropologists in art" team of Blaton & Rypson, the program examines the cyclical, often deconstructing symbiosis between mankind and the technologies it creates. "Already, our cosmology of truths has been supplanted by an amorphous and infinite number of hyper-realities and truisms," Laser 3.14 muses. "What of our organic autonomy? Will we transmorph into neo-anthropomorphic techno-beings?"

The exhibition is the latest in a series of public works by the artist, who recently completed the ominous black and white short film Cadence, and was the subject of a 2006 LAS feature. "The Gospel According to Brian O'Blivion" opens on Sunday, November
8th, at 5pm and will be available for viewing four afternoon hours daily.

Check out the LAS site here:

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